World Unknown Review Volume III story selections.

Well, folks, all the Ts are crossed and the Is dotted, all the exciting acceptances and the heartbreaking rejections sent out, so I’m pleased to finally be able to announce the list of stories and authors to be appearing in the third annual World Unknown Review, projected to be available on December 15th, 2016.

         “A Comedy of Edwards” by Adam L. Bealby
         “To Catch a President” by James Wylder
         “Lullaby Land” by Sarah Gribble
         “The Scrimshawed Ostrich Egg” by Robert Allen Lupton
         “Stretching Out, Remembering Names” by Ribhu
         “The Hero of Madgeburg” by Max D. Stanton
         “A Good One” by Nick Manzolillo
         “Behind the Eight Ball” by Lena Ng
         “Muffins as Big as Your Head” by Rick Ewing
         “The Story of Ava” by by Karen Heslop

I am so incredibly honored that these authors entrusted their stories to me and have given me the privilege to publish them in the World Unknown Review. This year has exceeded my expectations immensely. One expects a gradual increase in these sort of things, but the difference between year two and year three has been staggering. I received more than one hundred submissions this year over last. From more than ten different countries (I lost count somewhere around fourteen) and five different continents. I have spent the last few months reading a wealth of incredible fiction from so many different voices and perspectives, agonizing over how I could possibly choose just ten. But I did it, and I feel these stories not only represent the best of what I’ve been blessed with reading these past few months, but they’ll also provide a wide variety of topics and styles to appeal to every reader. Here’s to hoping you find a new favorite among these very, very worthy writers.

Dont’ worry, I’ll keep everyone posted on news as it comes up. Until then, happy reading! And congratulations to our WUR 2016 writers!


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