World Unknown Review has arrived!

Making this announcement is a little tricky at the moment because I have a cat shoving his face into mine wanting to cuddle, but the word must be released! The 2015 World Unknown Review is now available and ready for your perusal and enjoyment! This year’s volume is really fantastic (although I suppose I’m a bit biased since I put it all together), featuring ten different authors from four different countries, nine stories and one novella in a variety of genres and voices. We’ve got a few authors from the last volume, as well as quite a few new authors with impressive backgrounds and a great way with words. I’m really almost bewildered how I got so lucky to have so many fantastic writers take a chance on my tiny little fledgling review, but I’m extremely proud and pleased and I’m not going to question it too much, that’s for sure. I’ve also submitted four of the stories for a Pushcart Prize, that’s how impressed I was with them, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for their success.

You can find it on Amazon here in both paperback and ebook formats, but if you’re interested in the paperback, we get a little bit more if you order it direct through CreateSpace here.

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this little anthology, which is sure to contain a new favorite story for you. I know it contains one. It’s got something for everyone: romance, horror, excitement, fascination. There are things inside to make you cheer, to make you swoon, to make you cry and hang on the edge of your seat. The talent in these 230-odd pages is staggering, and you won’t be disappointed.

And, you know, it would probably make a great holiday gift for any book lover who loves to discover new authors to obsess over.

Happy reading!



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