Holy Macaroni.



See that? That’s a giant thing of vegan mac’n’cheese that they had at work yesterday, that I got to take home because apparently I was the only vegan working yesterday (and there are a few of us; it’s an international health food store, it’s to be expected).  The photo doesn’t do it justice. To give you a better idea of just how big this thing is, it takes up the whole bottom shelf of my refrigerator.

I think I’m going to be eating mac’n’cheese until March. But holy crap, free food. There was also a bag of bakery goods that went home with me, since they let any of the employees take whatever they wanted that was left over at the end of the day. So when you’re over your Turkey Day food comas, come on over and we’ll mega-load with a Carb Party.

Seriously I hope everyone had a good and safe Thanksgiving. Mine was mostly spent boxing cakes, pointing out pies, slicing bread, and apologizing profusely for having run out of Popular Item at one pm on the biggest food holiday of the year when Popular Item was probably something you should have gotten YESTERDAY if it was so damn important.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Now I’ve got a metric crap ton of macaroni and fake cheese to go eat.



  1. I hope you enjoyed your Mac & cheese!!! Next time you come home ~~ I will make a plethora of vegan items! I celebrated Thanksgiving going through old pics…evidenced on your Facebook. Love you!

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