Quick WUR Announcement!

After a lot of reading and stressing out about not being able to get through all the submissions in a timely manner with my new job, I am very pleased t announce that I have finally decided on the stories that will be chosen for publication in the second volume of the World Unknown Review! Because I’ve been working a lot of full mid-day shifts on the weekends, which means my whole day is practically shot, I won’t be getting around to emails until Monday, but if you’re one of the fantastic authors who sent me work, you should hear from me then.

If all the authors I’ve chosen still desire to participate (and it seems absurd, but I did have one submitter turn down the offer for publication last year, and I don’t even think it was because the piece was accepted elsewhere; all I got was a simple, “No, that’s okay, I’m good”), this year’s volume will feature nine short stories and one novella. There is a vague theme in that many of the stories mirror each other, some strongly, some vaguely, which was wrought out of the fact that I received a startling amount of tales with similar topics. Mere coincidence, or is there something more going on in the zeitgeist to inspire these things? It really gets the gears in my brain going, and, while I don’t think there’s anything particularly meaningful behind it, it was kind of cool to put together a collection with this nifty little thread running through it.

There are some truly incredible stories that I’m going to have the privilege to publish and I can’t wait to bring them to you all in December.

Happy reading!


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