Cats are Jerks.

This is Genghis Khan. He’s a seven year old blue point Siamese cat that has been with me since he was about three weeks old.

This is one of my few remaining hair ties, sitting innocently next to the food bow Genghis shares with his brother Baldur Cat.

The thing is, that hair tie? Had previously been in my hair while I was sleeping the other night. I woke up, groggy and ready to fall back asleep because it was maybe all of four in the morning, and Genghis was curling up beside me. Nothing new there, especially since it’s getting colder and the cats get cuddly when it’s cold, except for one thing. I had worn my hair in two braids to bed that night, and Genghis had his paws right at the end of my braid…where he was actively pulling out the hair tie because he wanted to play with it. While it was still in my hair.

I was too sleepy to care to do anything about it, so I went back to sleep, half convinced I had imagined it. But then I found the irrefutable evidence the next morning by the food bowl.



  1. Too, funny! Our cat, Gilligan, has an affinity for Danielle’s hair ties and we find them by the food bowl as well. He flips them around and chases them all over. Go figure. I have seen him try to take the hair ties off the shelf where Danielle puts them. Our cat, Tootsie, puts his mousies in the food bowls. We haven’t figured out if he doesn’t want to eat alone or if he thinks that his mousies are hungry. :/

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