Happy October!

October really is a great month. It’s when autumn starts coming in full swing, it ends with Halloween, and my boyfriend’s birthday falls in there somewhere in between. As a man with a soft spot for anything creepy, kooky, and spooky, he’s turned loving October into a veritable art form. In honor of this, I’ve given thought to making all of my posts themed with something scary or frightening or generally ghostly or witchy or what have you. Movies, books, songs, legends, myths, scary stories to tell in the dark. It shouldn’t be difficult at all to come up with 31 tasty tidbit of Octobery goodness to share.

It just so happened that I finished reading R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Saga today, an older series from my young adult years that I was absolutely in love with and was thrilled to find the whole set (and the follow-up book) at a Half-Priced Books. 22 years later, I realize that they’re completely cheesy and not really that well-written, but ten, eleven, twelve year old me thought this tale of the feud between the Fear and the Goodes and the evil that would follow them through the centuries was quite possibly the greatest thing in the world. It was part of the inspiration for what will hopefully be Rosewood Manor (tentatively my 2017 or 2018 project).


You’d better believe I intend to pick whatever other Fear Street books I can find on future HPB trips, just for the trip down memory lane. It was just the thing to graduate into from Goosebumps, cementing my love for horror stories from an impressionable age.

Did you ever read any of the Fear Street books? Which were among your favorites? How about Goosebumps? Or what other stories turned you into a horror fan, if you are one?

Also, if you get the chance, hop on over to Luther M. Siler‘s blog today. He did a really fantastic interview with me to talk about my latest release Heartless. You should check it out. He did a fantastic job, and I’m incredibly grateful for the experience.

Happy writing!



  1. I’ve never read any of the Fear Street books, but I did read some Goosebumps after my son started reading them. They might be written for kids, but they’re creepy enough for me to enjoy.

    Honestly, I think the first horror book I ever read was Carrie by Stephen King. My high school librarian recommended it to me, and after that, I was hooked on Stephen King and horror in general. I prefer the spooky, haunted horror to the slasher kind.

    • Same here! Fear Street did mostly slasher stuff, which is why I preferred the Fear Street Saga stories; they delved into the family curse and felt much more supernatural and fun to me. Goosebumps definitely did that angle better!

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