Soulless Cover Reveal!

It’s here! It’s time! Homygod! I am very pleased to finally be revealing the stunning cover for my novel, The Slayer Saga: Soulless, to be published in a few short weeks on August 15th.

The Slayer Saga: Soulless is the first book in a trilogy about a world that has been overrun by zombie-like creatures called Soulless. The Slayer of the Soulless is a legendary figure who roams the earth, protecting the Untouched from these undead monsters. There are a few safe havens in the world, but her latest visit to one reveals a dark plot to kill her and, suddenly, the safe havens are not so safe any more. With a small band of survivors, she must find the elusive Queen, who floats over the land in a flying airship, seeking help and guidance about this new situation. What the Slayer finds with the Queen, though, is an even bigger problem that may threaten the whole of humanity once and for all.

Described by one beta-reader as ‘Buffy meets The Hobbit‘ and by the author as ‘Thundarr the Barbarian meets The Walking Dead,’ Soulless is a journey through a terrifying landscape of civilization on the brink of reinventing itself. I’m so thrilled to be releasing my first novel, as well as the first in a series of three books. It should be an interesting next couple of years.

The beautiful art comes from Ingrid Pomeroy, an artist I found when she was featured through Design Cuts. Ingrid is a mixed-media and digital collage artist who loves to work with anything old and beautiful. She incorporates her passion for vintage photos, postcards, lace, buttons and ephemera into her art, which is precisely what attracted me to her work. It struck me as something very new and different, though it still touched on a lot of the Victorian gothic themes that I love so much.

Ingrid has been featured in publications by Stampington & Company, including “Somerset Studio,” “Somerset Memories,” “Gallery,” “Home,” “Life,” “Apronology”, “Somerset Digital Studio”, “Green”, “Wedding,” and “Holidays & Celebrations.” She has also been featured in “Shop, etc.” She has even appeared in several episodes of HGTV’s show, “Curb Appeal,” designing and working with the families on decorative projects.

Ingrid sells her work in specialty shops in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas and on Etsy. Her work is also featured at the Oregon Shakespeare Tudor Guild in Ashland, Oregon, and Maribelle Chocolates in New York City and Kyoto, Japan.

…and now my book! I seriously feel honored to have had the chance to have such an immense talent involved in The Slayer Saga and look forward to working with her more for the next books. Let’s hear it for Ingrid’s fantastic work and the exciting event that is this new series that I hope everyone will enjoy reading as much as I (for the most part!) enjoyed writing.

Oh, and the back cover, too!



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