Dat Unexpected Hiatus.

Some of you may have noticed things being a little quiet on the L.S. Engler front. Some of you might not have noticed anything at all. Either way, there’s a very good (and somewhat tragic) reason for this sudden absence. While the water I spilled on my Chromebook did not have any negative effects on the keyboard and hardware, it seems the meager droplets that found their way between the screen made it completely impossible to use. Lovely, right? Thus began the quest to find a (cheap but effective) new computer to use, what with it being pretty essential to writing as a career.

The bad news was that it took a long time to get here. As in, about a week. As in, how spoiled are we that a week is a long time to wait? Thanks, Amazon, for your usually speedy shipping making me expect magic at all times.

The good news is that it arrived today, and it’s working great (though I’ve got to get used to the smaller keyboard). There’s a touch-screen, which is proving surprisingly helpful, and it’s a regular laptop, too, running Windows 8, which means the best news of all: I AM NO LONGER A MICROSOFT WORD-LESS WONDER! The Chromebook was fantastic at first, super convenient for typing and surfing, but once things needed to get done, it’s incredible how difficult it is to trade documents with other authors without MS. So it sounds like this is no longer a problem. Bring on the Track Changes and being able to beta-read again! Huzzah!

It’ll be a few days since I’m back on track; the impromptu vacation has thrown me off my game a little, but I’ve been itching to get back to work. I’ve got some clean-up to do, since my inactivity has lead to some backers dropping out of my KickStarter campaign for Soulless…expect a snippet soon. I’ve got to get back to typing stuff up, and submitting stories, and so on and so forth, but I should be back in full swing by Friday, if work doesn’t get in the way. Good to be back! Now, back to work!



  1. sucks you had to find a new computer. But, I laughed at the week=long time. When out internet was out for almost 3 days, it felt like an eternity. Went out again last night(due to power outage b/c of downed wires), and I didn’t know what to do with myself this morning. πŸ™‚

    • If it weren’t for my phone, I think I’d go slightly crazy. It’s a little ridiculous how dependent we’ve become on being connected, but…I’m okay with it.

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