RoW80 Update: Wednesday Already?

Due to my current bout of Writer’s Fatigue, the last few days have been kind of a mopey blur, and I can’t believe it’s already time for a Wednesday RoW80 update. Weird how time, for something measured in such precise and specific increments, seems to relatively fluctuate immensely. Either way, despite feeling like I haven’t been doing much, I’ve actually done…okay with my goals. It’s the second goal that’s giving me the trouble lately, and, because of that, it feels like I’m not doing well over-all, which is just silly. But it does go to show that one bad apple can spoil the bunch. It’s just been a weird week, but it’s been a good practice in just rolling with the punches for me.

So let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Goal One: Soulless. Soulless continues to progress along nicely. Today is editing up Chapter Nine, which means I’m almost to the half-way point. The wonderful thing about this edit is that things aren’t nearly as messy as I originally thought they were. The murky parts have been easy to cut so far, though I do have a few scenes and chapters I need to write and plop in here and there to brush up what I have. I’ve gotten to a point where I feel it’s no longer just “okay” but actually “not too bad at all.” So that’s kind of exciting. I still need to get going on painting the cover, because I really want to dive into that Kickstarter, but I promised myself to finish the cover art first.

Goal Two: Submitting Stories. “Moon Gate” is starting to really piss me off. Let’s just leave it at that. Or, no, leaving it at that doesn’t make for a riveting update, so I’ll just say that I’m trying to whittle the word count down to a more palatable length for the journal I want to submit it to, and it is the complete opposite of the pleasurable editing I’m getting with Soulless. It’s a good thing I don’t have any other ideas for short stories right now, otherwise, I’d likely drop “Moon Gate” like a hot potato and just scribble up something else.

Goal Three: Madeline. Since Madeline is being written in a very stream-of-consciousness way, it really doesn’t take too much to get me to write a chapter (about ten pages) a day, but I haven’t exactly been doing that. Most of my time has been on Soulless, and I had to go back and do some re-writing because I’d messed up on what I wanted Chapter Two to be about. Now that I’ve got the focus back in check, I hope to start churning out pages as quickly as I did with Chapter One.

Not a sterling performance, but a performance all the same. How’s everyone else doing so far? Don’t forget, you can always scope out my fellow RoWers here (and I highly recommend you do).

Happy writing!



  1. It sounds like you’re making great progress on the editing front. My revising process feels like it’s going slow, but I have to admit that I’m much better at getting the first draft down than I am at polishing, but I’m learning, and that’s the important part. Happy writing!

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