The One O’Clock Lull.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but one thing I’ve definitively concluded since I started working from home is that I’m a morning person, and my productivity seems to completely drop off or need to be altered by about one o’clock. It’s almost like clockwork; I get up at either six or seven (depending how late reddit keeps me up late I go to bed), work pretty steadily all morning with a few breaks for breakfast and lunch, and then…one o’clock arrives. I realize I can’t sit still for my morning routine, and usually have to change gears, go out into the living room, put something on the TV, and work in either “distracted mode” or veg out completely. It’s usually the former rather than the latter, so at least I’m getting some work done, but it’s hardly the focused drive I’m able to get going in the morning.

Does anyone else seem to reach this wall at one o’clock? This post is a product of this funk, as I sit here scribbling this while watching “The Office” on Netflix. I feel a little bad about it. It’s a beautiful day outside (still a mite too cold, but still sunny and pretty), I could take my editing out on the road to a coffee shop or something, but I can only seem to hole up on my butt in front of the TV. But I’m still doing some work, so it’s not a great loss. It’s a weird feeling. I’m doing stuff, but am I deviating too much from “treating this like a job” by vegging a little? I keep trying to push myself to go “9 to 5” like a real job, but it just doesn’t seem effective.

Ah, well. Overall, I’m still getting stuff done, even though it isn’t as much, and if it works, perhaps I should embrace that one o’clock lull for what it is. No point in trying to fight against something that happens naturally, and, besides, I’ve got a pretty great typing position worked out for my couch.



  1. Writing is the type of job that, although enjoyable, can exhaust you and sap your physical and emotional energy. Most writers I know don’t work on writing all day long like they would a different type of job. Here’s a suggestion. Work on your writing from 7 to 12 (or 1). Then eat lunch. After that, work on the marketing end of things. Keep yourself out there on Facebook. Plan strategies. Plan a Facebook release party and what prizes you might give away. Do something relaxing sometime in between all this. There is SO much to do.

    See, I have all this planned for when I get write full time someday. LOL

    • And it sounds like a great plan, too. And, no, I’m not just saying that because what you’ve described is pretty much exactly what I’ve been doing on my work days. Well, I could probably work a little more on the marketing aspect, but that’s going to come to fruition once Soulless is closer to release.

  2. I’m like that. I tend to be really focused first thing in the morning(which is for me 4-6 am). I’d work even longer if it wasn’t for my boy being at home. I try to get more done in the afternoon while he’s napping, but by that time my focus is gone. I tend to use that time for social media or something else that doesn’t take too much focus like knitting/crochet. Sometimes the focus comes back for a bit at night(I’m seriously starting to think it’s something about it being dark outside) but I’m usually so tired by then I don’t get much done anyway.

    • Yup. That’s exactly how it goes (only I guess my distraction is my roommate when she gets home and turns on the TV). It’s incredibly refreshing to know that I’m not alone in losing my cool once the afternoon hits.

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