The Spark of a Massive Collaboration?

So, the boyfriend and I finally went to go see Captain America: the Winter Soldier yesterday, and it was really, really, really good. As usual, I left the theater feeling pretty charged and excited. Marvel movies these days have that effect on me, and I really hit the jackpot on figuring out why.

This latest batch of Marvel movies, especially in the vein of the Avengers, have this absolutely incredible interconnectivity with each other. You never know (unless you’ve been spoiled) who might show up, what might be referenced, and they’re constantly dropping little lines that refer back to the other movies, in a way that you don’t miss anything if you haven’t seen the other films, but, if you have, then you’re in the know, and you feel pretty awesome. Granted, the nice thing about this universe is that you have a wide history of comics to refer to, an already established fanbase and canon to play with, and the potential for cross-overs and creating a more immense world through various movies and media is pretty much endless.

I got to thinking how cool it would be to be a part of something that big and connected on a creative level. And then I got to thinking: well, maybe I could make it happen. Yeah, yeah, yeah, collaborations are nothing new, but it would be new for me to start one up. I think it could be incredibly cool to get together a bunch of different writers who will work on a series of books that aren’t part of the same series or anything like that, but they are agreeably a part of the same world, different aspects of one author’s books might show up in another’s, we work together to pass around and approve plots before a book comes together, and, every so often, we join forces for a cross-over book that includes the various elements from the different storylines. Author A could have a bunch of fans of their books, who don’t really read Author B, but, if they did eventually read Author B, then they’d noticed a few things from Author A. You could read Author C, without knowing anything about Authors A and B, and you wouldn’t have to, but if you did start reading Authors A and B, you’ll find some interesting references. New authors with new ideas and characters and locations could be brought in, too, and start enriching the collaborative world even further. The authors would provide a great support system for each other, holding each other accountable, and promoting each other. It could be really cool.

The thought hit me just yesterday, so I’ve got some mulling over logistics and things like that, but I knew if i didn’t make a post about it today, it would disappear in the chaotic recesses of my brain. Is this something any of you readers out there might be interested? Definitely just throwing out the pitch to see if anyone swings right now, but I’ll likely try to develop this further in the next week or so. I’d love some thoughts!



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