Four Days and Counting…

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have difficulty being patient, especially once I’ve decided something and I’m looking forward to do it. The countdown has started for my last days as someone with a “Real Job,” about to embark on being the full-time self-employed writer of my dreams. These next four days feel like they’re going to be the longest of my life, especially considering that this weekend will be my birthday celebration (as well as a celebration from escaping the rigors of corporate soul-sucking business), and then I have a really nice relaxing trip back home to Michigan for a week that is way, way long overdue. It’s so close, I can almost touch it, and the reminder is repeating through my head like a mantra: Four more days…four more days….four more days…

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about something and it just makes me think of the magic of the blank slate. A blank page. There’s so many possibilities and you just can’t wait to start filling it up with the next chapter of your life. Unfortunately, though, sometimes you have to, but I can guarantee, when 4:00 on Saturday rolls around, I will quite possibly be the happiest person in the entire world at that precise moment. It’s going to be beautiful.

So I definitely want to thank everyone for being there to support me and continuing to support me on this new journey. I wouldn’t be taking this step if it wasn’t for all of my readers and the people who encourage me and engage me with new ideas and motivations every day. It’s going to be a pretty awesome (thought difficult and sometimes terrifying) ride ahead; I’m glad I’ve got awesome people to ride with me.



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