Review: The Shattered Alliance.

“‘Planeswalkers, tornadoes, plagues,’ counted Jodah, ‘all are natural phenomena. You can no more avoid them, or blame them, than you can blame an avalanche or a storm.'”

Magic: The Gathering: The Shattered Alliance, Ice Age Cycle Book III” by Jeff Grubb

You may have noticed in my reviews of the first two books of the Magic: the Gathering Ice Age Cycle that this has been one of my favorite cycles to date. The first one had a good healthy dose of classic fantasy feel to it, while the second one continued the story without the outrageous leaps in timelines that the other cycles so far had taken. The third book, The Shattered Alliance, continued the trend of being pleasantly surprising and entertaining, a perfect way to wrap up this really cool slice of M:tG mythos.

There are several factors that made this book so intriguing. There was a mystery, one of which I accidentally spoiled myself on, though that made me appreciate what was going on in the book from a knowledgeable standpoint. There’s been a drastic change in the world, but still in the same timeline of the characters of the previous books, so we get to see how they cope and change and deal with this shift. The main character of Jodah is a very cool one, too, because, while he has a mortality greater than most people, he is not a planeswalker like so many of the previous main characters. Though he is not a planeswalker, he is able to deal with planeswalkers on their level, which creates for a really interesting dynamic that haven’t seen on this world much.

I remember my boyfriend, who plays the game, telling me that the Ice Age Cycle didn’t fare as well in the world of the card game, which strikes me as particularly sad, since I think it’s one of the better book cycles I’ve encountered so far. The characters were interesting, the world was pretty tight, and just the mere fact that we stuck with the whole cast throughout the three books was a refreshing departure from the formula so far. The third book continues the theme of embracing the events in the context of a historical anomaly, which I love, and so I’d highly recommend this cycle to anyone wishing to get more into the Magic world.

Books read: 029/100.


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