1. Write Things By Hand.

Thought Catalog recently posted Brianna Wiest’s 18 Things Everyone Should Start Making Time For Again, some of which I agree with, some of which I could take or leave, and the number one thing being “Write Things By Hand.” Since it was the number one thing and it’s a thing I’ve reveled in doing for years, I thought it was pretty gosh darn interesting.

Granted, Wiest is talking about notes and lists, which I do as well, but I cling to this particular thing because this is also how I write my stories. On occasions (like with NaNoWriMo to help with word counts), I do type my work directly into the computer, but, for the most part, I significantly prefer a good old pen and paper. I’ve had some people boggle at that; I can’t help boggle at the fact that there are people who prefer to write on a machine. There’s something about the connection between the pen and the paper, your hand and your brain, that makes the whole experience so much better for me. You’re not only writing the words, but physically creating them, moving the pen to style and bring those letters into existence from the ether of your imagination. Like painting a picture, only with words. I’m even specific about what types of pens and what types of notebooks I use. It’s all part of the creative process for me, and I think I would have a very hard time of it if I was forced to only type, for whatever reason.

Other points I strongly agree with (mostly because I already do them regularly): Cooking a meal just to do it, books, disconnecting with technology from time to time, traveling by train, and putting personal health and well-being first. What are some of your favorites from the list?


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  1. I think my favorites are the ones about cooking just for the fun of it and having the long dinner. Did you notice these were both about food? LOL

    Honestly, I don’t get why writing with pen and paper is a better experience. My fingers and brain are still working when I use the computer. And I can’t write by hand for more than about ten minutes before my hand is screaming in pain. But, you aren’t alone in the pen and paper camp. There are many writers who prefer this, and I think if that’s the way that works best for you, that SHOULD be the way you do it.

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