Review: Gone Girl.

“We are all overdressed in our little flashy frocks, our slasher heels, and we all eat small plates of food bites that are as decorative and unsubstantial as we are.”

Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

I went into Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl with the unfortunate bias I have going into anything particularly popular or raved about, with an unfair cynicism that it doesn’t necessarily deserve. There was a strong hesitation in me to like this book, and I held it to a pretty high standard. I’d heard so much about it and read so many reviews that I decided that I expected it to really impress me. This compulsion continued through a good portion of the book: certain aspects of it I liked, but I could see the little tainted edges of my cynicism keeping me from thoroughly enjoying it. “There are two ways I can see this going,” I remember remarking to the boyfriend. “If it goes one way, this book will be awesome. If it goes the other way, the one I fear it’s going to go, then it will categorically become a major disappointment.”

Turns out, half-way through the book, it took neither of the turns I was expected and managed to make a book that I was genuinely apathetic about and made it something I actually enjoyed. I can’t fully say that Gone Girl would be one of my favorite books, but I do admire what Gillian Flynn did with the somewhat predictable premise of a wife gone missing, a husband accused of her murder, and the unfolding of their seemingly happy life together. Flynn has a wonderful way with words. She throws in plenty of clever turns of phrases that kept me grinning, although I often felt like she was using them just because she could. Yes, they fit the tone of the characters, but you also get the feeling that Flynn is possibly projecting herself into their voices.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Gone Girl, especially the middle part, where things started to get a little different from what I had anticipated. The beginning is intriguing and I feel that the end is a little lackluster, but Gone Girl is still an entertaining book that is worth the read if only because of Flynn’s colorful and intelligent use of language. I was immediately wrapped up in her world and immediately understood the voices of her two main characters. It was good in the way I find American Horror Story good: a little cheesy, a little predictable, but with enough twists and turns and brilliancy to shine through the more groan-inducing parts.

Books read: 026/100.


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