Let’s Talk NaNoWriMo.

October means a lot of things to many people. It’s the approach of autumn, it’s the time where I’m pretty sure pumpkin spice is legally mandated to infiltrate everything consumable, and it’s all topped off with the spooky fun spectacle that is Halloween. Of course, there’s something very particular that it means to writers:

OHshit, it’s almost NaNo!!

At least, that’s what I’m experiencing right now. Before we know it, it’ll be November 1st and the race to 50,000 words begins. I’ve participated every year for a while now, though I’ve never quite “won,” reaching the word count goal by the end. I almost made it last year, but something came up right toward the end that prevented me from really bringing it home.

I say the same thing every year, but this year, I mean it. This is the year I do it. This is the year I finally hit 5k. There’s only one problem: I have no idea what to write about.

So I wanted to open up a discussion to all my fellow writers who are participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo. Do you already have an idea for your book? Have you already put together an outline and are just waiting for the calender page to turn over to November? Or are you more likely to wait until the start of the month to start writing whatever just comes to you? I have a few stand-bys, novels that I’ve attempted before but never quite got the “swing” for, that I can start over (yet again) and strive to reach some sort of conclusion with it, but I’d also like to try something new and exciting. Where do you turn to for ideas? Thankfully, I’ve got little bit of time before I need to decide on something, but once November hits, there’s no turning back!



  1. Hey LS. I’m participating again this year. I have got the idea brewing and am about halfway through a (very) rough outline. It still needs some serious fleshing out. I think it’s going to be a busy last week of October to go along with a busy November…

  2. I am entering…again. I’ve attempted four times and “won” twice. What those slogs have taught me is that (1) I am good a spinning an all-action story but not at developing characters unless I take my time first and (2) well, number one was it. So this time I have written out an overall story arc, named my characters and developed their personalities, and thought about how they relate each other. I am also reading Kristen Lamb’s blog lately, since she is offering some very good advice on Nano. Other than that – all I can say is: Best of luck and don’t stop! Revisions can begin in December so don’t worry about it now, just keep writing!

  3. I’m doing Nano again this year. I spent a few weeks planning out a outline and doing idea boards but now that November is upon us, I am ditching my outline and writing a completely different novel. I just couldn’t get fired up about the one I outlined and the characters from my first book keep talking to me.

  4. I’m participating again this year. I have since 2010 and have won the last 2 years. I had one all planned out and ready to start writing Nov 1(or earlier, if I couldn’t wait and decided to be a rebel). Then, yesterday, I was reading over one of my other WiPs and decided I wanted to rewrite it instead. So, I’m re-plotting it right now. Nothing like changing my mind at the last minute.

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