RoW80 Check-In: The Waiting Game.

“Locke grunted, trying to hold down his irritation. ‘Men lie, Majani,’ he said, ‘and quite often, and that’s why I ask. You didn’t honestly believe us to just blindly follow anyone with enough gold into caves and secret dungeons, do you?'”

I wasn’t sure if I was going to pull off a check-in post today, but, thanks to an agreement that has me working all day tomorrow, I was released from work early today and could have enough time to pen this after all. It’s not going to be much of an update, a little quick and dirty, but things have been going really, really well. Not so much with my Round of Words in 80 Days goals, but with life in general. And I’ve strayed a bit from the goals, but other accomplishments have surfaced, which makes me feel a little better about it. Especially since the whole point of RoW80 is the flexibility.

I’ve been doing really, really well with a-page-a-day on Serpent in a Cage, although I feel this chapter is kind of a hot mess. I’m just going to keep plugging along. This is the boring travel chapter, where I have to rely on character interactions to carry it, and I don’t think I’m doing as well as I could be with that. However, that’s what edits are for, right?

I started transcribing what I have for SiaC‘s sequel, too, and, oh man, is it bad! It’s almost kind of funny. It was last year’s NaNo, so, when I was writing it, it was all about word count. SiaC is still my main focus between the two, obviously, but I’m really going to have to roll up my sleeves when I get to cracking down on this one.

But the real catch in my recent progress is that pesky song of the Muse. Sometimes, I feel like I have practically no attention span at all, but my Muse makes me feel like I’ve got the focus of a GOD. Lately, two of my previous WIPs (Soulless with the zombie dystopian world and the one with the super haunted house) have been calling to me, and, not wanting to ignore them, I’ve embraced them with a little bit of scribbling here and there, too. Now, I know I’ve talked a lot about how I was going to push back the fear of finishing Serpent in a Cage, but a part of me still feels, “Maybe not yet…” So if either of these WIPs continue to demand my attention, I might switch my focus again, but we shall see.

I’ve also got two book reviews that I’ve been lazy about writing, and another one to come up shortly, too, so the reading’s going well, too.

And the most exciting news of all?

The print proof for Bowlful of Bunnies should arrive sometime this week. Wait. Did I say print proof? I do believe I did! I’ve finally hopped on over to CreateSpace to give their program a try, and so far, I am incredibly impressed…as well as completely flabbergasted by how incredibly easy it was! Granted, I haven’t gotten the print yet, so I don’t yet know how it’s going to work out, but if it does….having a print version of BoB is going to open a lot of doors. I have a lot of exciting things planned, and I can’t wait to get them started. Definitely stay tuned!

And, in the meantime, why don’t you hop on over here and visit my fellow RoWers? You’ll be glad you did.

Happy writing!



  1. Look into my eyes…you will focus on Serpent in a Cage, you will focus on Serpent in a Cage. Hahahahahahahaha. Okay, it’s just because I want to read it. Seriously, sometimes other things call to you that you have to write down. Just don’t lose focus of SiaC because of fear. I know it’s going to be awesome. 🙂

    • LOL, okay, okay! I’ll finish it, I promise! No, I actually mentioned to my cover artist that we need to have a jam session for it soon, so don’t worry! It’s not going anywhere, and it’s still my best bet for the end of the year. The fear part has subsided and passed; it’s now just a battle of the Muses!

  2. you sound like you are getting those doubts under control – great news on the rabbits – I haven’t tried Creat Space yet – I have my print version up on Lulu since I moved printers – maybe next year I’ll have a look see at the programme – anyway well done and have a great week

  3. I’m here to encourage you to finish Serpent in a Cage also. You’ve put so much into the backstory behind the world SiaC lives in, and even been gracious enough to share some of that with us – now we want to see the finished product!

    Seriously though, do what keeps you interested. Don’t push yourself hard on a project that’s going to burn you out before you’re done. Sow your wild oats, and get back to SiaC when you’re ready. Just make that sooner rather than later, okay?

    Have a great week!

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