RoW80 Update: July 29th.

“‘I know,’ he said, and his acceptance earned him a kiss. She swooped in like a fresh breeze, the curtain of her dark hair falling over his as her lips touch his. It was a slow, meaningful kiss, all pressure and longing and hunger, and Silver slid his arm around her slender waist because it seemed she could not get close enough. He hand spread across her shoulder blades, and she moaned, part objection, part eagerness, and her fingers splayed across his naked chest. He wasn’t sure who started it, but their hips began to move in familiar patters, and he almost had his hands under her shirt again before she pulled back breathless.”

Today’s offering of a Round of Words in 80 Days update isn’t very much of one; there is very little to report, and a significant dilemma of needing to reassess my goals, for the most part. Battarack Girls has entirely slipped away from me right now, so I’m shelving it for the time being and turning my focus back onto Serpent in a Cage and The Unknown Scourge. It won’t be shelved indefinitely; I know I want to tell these girls’ stories, I know it’ll make a great and powerful YA book, but I think other things are going to come first. I’m still getting some reading done, and I think I might can this current issue of the first line, though if I can manage to steal some time today or tomorrow to whip something up, I think it would be worth it. It’s one of those things where there’s really nothing to lose, I just have to be better about sticking to a deadline and forcing something out despite my mood.

Today’s excerpt, by the way, is from The Unknown Scourge. Just a nice little slice of steam to brighten up your Sunday a little.

I’ve been giving some more contemplation on what book to finish for my second book, though I know I should be focusing more on making Bowlful of Bunnies available on other platforms. I’ve hit kind of a dead spot with the marketing, so I really need to get on those guest posts, too. Basically, I just need to focus and get back to work, but my motivation has been pathetically lacking.

Ah, well. I’m giving some significant thought to publishing Serpent in a Cage next; I’ve had my reluctance, which might make a good post one of these days, but right now it seems like the most appealing option. Of course, that could change entirely by next month, so who knows? The thing right now is to just keep working, and I’ll get to my destination eventually, wherever it may be.

If you get the chance, check out my fellow RoWers here and, until then, happy writing!



  1. Great excerpt, L.S.! Nice tension at the end.
    Today, I’ll give myself a break from the typing. Honestly, my fingers are criss-crossed, transposing the keys in my ‘muscle-memory’ thus causing more ‘corrections’ that I care to deal with. I think a day off will correct my current malfunction. Ha! (I just looked up at the top of your screen and noticed a previous post titled, ‘The Curse Of The Keyboard’…how fitting!

    Good luck finding your pace within the piece you are returning to. Hope the words flow easily this week. :}

    • LOL, curse of the keyboard indeed! Yes, we sometimes have to make sure that our little digits can get a good pampering. I’d suggest a manicure or some polish, but I know I’d be dazzled by the bright colors flying over my keyboard if I were to do that.

      And thanks, Nadja. They’re already starting to flow more readily!

  2. Reassessing your goals after a month is perfectly understandable. I wish you the best for next week and I’m confident your motivation will come back in no time 🙂 Happy writing!

    • Thank you so much! Once you break that block and have a better understanding of what’s needing to be done, it’s amazing how quickly you can get back into things.

  3. Deciding what to work on next can be so difficult! Good luck! There isn’t a “wrong answer” here — but the more stalling you do, the less time you have for writing. So toss a coin, and if you don’t like the answer, go the other way. 🙂

    • Hahaha, no fair! Now I’ve got to worry about all the time I’m losing deciding, arrrgggggggh.

      A coin totally doesn’t have enough sides for all my ideas; I’m gonna have to dig out my old 20-sided die from my D&D days, methinks.

  4. As others have said, reassessing one’s goals is what ROW 80 is all about. We all have those times when we are thrashing about–sometimes from one piece of writing to another; other times, we are just restless in our writing–but I really do think it is as you say: one just needs to get to writing and see what happens. Hope this is a good week for you.


  5. I’m constantly changing my goals. Thank GOD ROW is flexible. As for publishing, always publish on as many platforms as you can: smashwords, amazon, b&n, and kobo. Go for it all, you never know where your biggest audience will come from.

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