Writer Quotes: Erasmus.

“The desire to write grows with writing.” — Desiderius Erasmus

Have you ever had those days where you’re just dizzy with your writing and you rue the moment went you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open because you want to keep writing, but you know you can keep writing once you’ve slept and wake up in the morning? I’m giddy to report that this happens to me quite often…and it’s been happening more often lately, too. And this quote from Erasmus (who I’ve always had a soft spot for, all thanks to Quest for Glory) highlights exactly why that is. Writing gives you great momentum for more great writing, especially if you’re a person like me and the one thing that makes you happiest in life is creating worlds and building stories.

They say when you’re stuck in a writing rut, write anyway, because, essentially, writing begets more writing. It’s a strange phenomenon that I couldn’t be more grateful for. Because I know that, if I have a day where the writing comes tough, then, if I keep it up, it eases out eventually and the next thing I know, I’ve made some excellent progress. I know I’ve probably written on this topic to death, but it’s something that I find to be so undeniably true and motivational to me, that I’ll probably continue writing on this topic to death. Because writing breeds more writing, right? See what I did there?

So, anyway, yes. I agree with Erasmus wholeheartedly, because it’s the same thing that happens to me. If you find yourself in a little bit of a rut, write. It doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s something. Push yourself to write even if it isn’t very good or it’s just utter crap. Because that opens the door, and, as you write, the writing will get better. You’ll write more, and then that writing will turn into even more, and, before you know it, you’re out of your slump and into a swing. This principle can apply to almost anything, too. The more you do something, the easier it gets. The more you push through the hard parts, the closer you get to the smoother, easier parts.

What do you think? Do you feel that writing begets more writing? Does this theory help propel you forward when you’re struggling, or do you have some other inspiration or motivation that gets you through the tough spots? And do you feel that, the more you write, the more you want to write? It’s a wonderful beast that usually feeds in on itself, so much so that, you’ll have to excuse me, even writing this, I now want to go and write more!

And, yes, I know it’s Friday, and that I haven’t actually done a Flash Fiction Friday in several weeks, but my brain has been elsewhere, and I’m just letting myself go with the flow, as it is. Post are more likely to be random rather than structured for a little while, or perhaps until the next Round of Words in 80 Days, which I’m hoping to be vigilant about. Also, I’m only five books away from hitting the contest goal of 25 copies of Bowlful of Bunnies if anyone wants a sneak peek at my latest, Battarack Girls! So close! Any help getting there is always awesome and amazing, just like you guys.



  1. Totally understand that compulsion. I was up after 2 the other night, dry eyes stinging but just had to finish. Kept putting in eye drops and squinting, but I did get the story done!

    • I have the opposite effect when I’m up too late writing; my eyes start watering until I’m blinded! But way to stick with it, Mike! That’s such a great feeling, when you’re just driven to the point of finishing despite your eyes screaming out for mercy. It all starts with a single word, and then the next thing you know….writing begets more writing.

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