A Quick Contest.

So, most of you are already aware that Bowlful of Bunnies is out and about, hopping onto a Kindle near you. Now, I’m going very soft on this…I have a few guest posts planned in a little while and I promote the book whenever I get a chance, but, for the most part, I’m not expecting huge numbers to skyrocket up or anything like that.

I have found myself a little obsessed with checking the numbers, though. So far, as I’m writing this, there have been 18 sales, which is awesome (she says, to people who may be selling hundreds…ahem). And I was thinking, well, let’s see if we can kick that up a bit! I’ve decided I want to run a little bit of a contest. It isn’t much of one, and I’m not even sure if anyone would be terribly interested, but I’ve decided that, if sales reach a whole whopping 25, I’ll release a preview of Battarack Girls, which I’m pretty sure if going to be my next book.

So, want a preview? Want to just see me get all giggly and giddy and bouncy? Spread the word about Bowlful of Bunnies and help me get those seven more copies!

Like I said, just a short little contest without much of a prize, but I had a few minutes before I had to flee for work and I thought “Why not?”



  1. I meant to ask you, do you have a profile on Wattpad? You can post some other short stories or whatever you want to on there, and it might help to build a bit of a profile. You can list the blog as your website.

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