Battarack Girls.

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that the notebook conundrum has been solved! I was contemplating story ideas for the current fancy notebook in question, and I also regarded the fact that I had picked up a trio of very cute Hello Kitty gel pens the other day (when I was feeling fifteen, apparently). Each pen is a different color, so I was thinking I wanted to do something in different perspectives, and each color represented a different point of view. With the pink pen in my hand, my mind automatically went to “call girl,” but that’s been overdone and I don’t think I’d be much good at it, besides. So I glanced over toward our DVD shelf for inspiration, and my eyes found my Uresei Yatsura collection. “Aliens!” I proclaim to my roommate. And she pointed out that visiting aliens have kind of been done to death, too. So I went back to thinking and it struck me.

The Battarack Girls.

I though I had done a post about these three before, but, if I did, it seems to have disappeared. Megg Serene, Annamaria, and Caitlyn are the three daughters of Locke Mandrake Battarack (one of the main characters in Serpent in a Cage) and Aelis Maria Starran, and they are, in a nutshell, super bad-ass. With these three girls, I wanted to sort of break the convention of the princess and make them all distinctly strong characters who, in their own ways, break through the expected princess role to become individuals of their own right, free from the bond expected of them born into a position of power. I actually love that the girls go out and do their own thing, while their brothers, Nolan and Drake, are the ones who wind up bound by their station (and they do so willingly and happily to boot). Three girls. Three colored pens…Clearly, I need to write their story, from their POVs, using a different colored pen for each perspective. Megg Serene is blue, Annamaria orange, and Caitlyn pink.

I’m incredibly excited about this book, and so glad I finally have a good angle for telling their stories. Since the girls are all younger as I’m writing this (Megg Serene is about to turn sixteen, Annamaria is fifteen, and Caitlyn is eight), I have a feeling it’s going to have a strong YA vibe to it, which is sort of new territory for me, but it just makes sense with the POVs. I definitely hope it’s a story that will show a lot of strong female characters that other girls can look up to, without being too overt about it. And I think it should be interesting, should I finish this well before Serpent in a Cage, if I bring this book out first!

Either way, I can think of no better use of the Fancy Notebook than telling the incredible tale of these strong young women!



  1. Definately sounds uber-cool. Kind of reminds me of the story of princess Libuse and her two older sisters (all three had superhuman or witch like powers), which eventualy is how the city Prague is created. Cool story. I’m sure yours will be better (but she got a statue erected in her honour in Prague). Enjoy your new found creationism and your cool new notebook.

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