Cover Reveal, 100 Followers, and an Award!

Today is definitely an exciting day! The other night, my cover artist got back to me with the finished cover of Bowlful of Bunnies, and so now I have no excuse not to finish formatting (which is what today is dedicated to) and get this book out there!

To your left, you have the actual cover for Bowlful of Bunnies, by the wonderful Shannon Perry (whose blog is a little out of date due to being bogged down with other projects, because she’s awesome like that); to the right is the prototype, by me, I sent her to give her an idea of what I had in mind that I included for funsies. As you can see, Shannon did a really awesome job.

I have hit another milestone, too. 100 Followers! I had always wanted to be able to give my 100th follower something special, the whole confetti and cheering prize sort of thing, but I really don’t have anything to give but my humble thanks to Going Coverless for filling this auspicious spot. I’ve just recently wandered onto her blog and it’s absolutely lovely, chronicling her journey toward a natural lifestyle. Thanks for being my 100th follower!

Last, but not least, Wild Night In recently nominated me for an Inspiring Blogger award! Sometimes, when I get awards, I’ve got so much going on in my life that I forget about them and acknowledging the giver falls to the wayside, but Wild Night In is such a smart, sophisticated blog that I was definitely honored and it stuck in my head that I have to try to remember to thank her for offering it to me. It’s one of those awards requesting the receiver share seven things about his or herself, and so here are those seven things:

1. My favorite color is green. Granted, I’ve always been fond of a lot of colors, but green has consistently been my favorite for a good chunk of time now, and I realize that I lean more towards green than any other color. I think that officially classifies it as my favorite color, then.

2. I sometimes have trouble coming up with these seven things. You’d think seven things about yourself might be easy, and they are…the first time you do them. But I always try to think of different things when these awards come around, and it’s getting to a point where sometimes I struggle, because there’s no way anyone could actually find what I come up with interesting. Case in point…

3. My favorite sushi is unagi nigiri. I have to order a side of unagi wherever we go, and I’ve got a list of my favorite unagi from the sushi places around my area (at the moment, Baisi Thai is my favorite, but it’s wont to change). I love me some eel. I desperately want to try an eel pie one day.

4. I’m currently feeling really guilty for saying no to helping out at another store today. They’re having some manager troubles, but I had been looking forward to using today to finish up the formatting for Bowlful of Bunnies since last week. I know if I went to the other store to help, I’d come home and be to tired to get it done, so I say no, but I feel really, really bad. I hate that. Ultimately, though, in the grand scheme of things, the book is more important, and it’s not like my job’s been giving me a whole lot of breaks lately, either. You can only bend over backwards for someone so many times before you realize it hurts.

5. I once owned rabbits. We got them to train for the fair, only to discover that we were terrible at rabbit handling. One bit me when I was feeding it, so I vowed to stop feeding it. My brother fed it, though, but it turns out there wasn’t enough insulation in the barn for them, either way, and they didn’t last the winter. This is a terrible story.

6. Hamburger meat paid for my college. Kind of. We raised cows for the fair, too, and that venture was far more successful. The money from auctioning my steers provided me with a great deal of my college income. This is why I will probably never be able to be a vegetarian.

7. Not a day passes by when I don’t think about Brian. Brian, for those of you who don’t know, is my fiance who passed away almost two and a half years ago. In the broad scheme of things, I understand that two and a half years really isn’t that long, and there’s still a lot of healing to do, but it’s one of those things where sometimes it still hurts as much as it did a week after it happened. It’s kind of a downer note to end on, but, as I was thinking about “things about me” to put down, that one showed up and presented itself as such a core part of who I am that I had to put it down. And have a good cry while doing so. I don’t know, but it’s been on my mind an awful lot lately. And just about everything I do now is done with his memory in mind.

So, there’s that. Seven things about L.S. Engler. The award also includes, as these usually do, a caveat for nominating other bloggers. I believe the number is ten, but I never have that many people to nominate that haven’t gotten things like this already, so I’ll just nominate a handful of my more recent finds that have been particularly fantastic to follow lately:

1. Going Coverless, not just for being my 100th follower, but also for being a beautiful blog.
2. Abra Alani, who takes beautiful photographs that always make my days a little brighter.
3. Annie Cardi, whose posts are smart, sassy, and always entertaining.

….that’s all I’ve got right now. Thanks for being so inspiring, ladies! Feel free to lather, rinse, repeat for your own blogs or just bask in the appreciation! Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got some editing to do.



    • Whoo-hoo! That’s awesome! Good luck with that. I’m sure formatting for cartoons is just as tedious as formatting for text; I feel I’ll be a little crossed from coding lines by the end of the day.

  1. Congratulations on Bowlful of Bunnies!

    And I’m sorry to read that about your fiance. I didn’t know. I think when we pass milestones, like getting ready to publish a book, we wish those who were gone were still around to see our happiness/success.

    • Thank you! And you’re right, but it’s also interesting to think about whether or not I’d be reaching this milestone if things were different and he was still with us. It can really blow your mind thinking about stuff like that sometimes. I think he would think I’ve done well, though, that’s for sure. 🙂

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