RoW80 Check-In: June 3rd.

“She remembered everything. But she was starting to forget what the sun felt like and her favorite stars in the night sky, and she was starting to wonder why they hadn’t just killed her then, why they hadn’t killed her yet. She had been more valuable to them alive, that was it; if they had killed her, they would have been down one plaything. They thought a swift death would be too good for the likes of her.”

I’ve been complete rubbish about keeping up with my Round of Words in 80 Days updates, and I realized that it was because I’m sort of in limbo for the next step of Bowlful of Bunnies‘s journey toward being published. And that waiting game is necessary, but throwing me off of everything else. So I’ve really got to sit my butt down, refocus my goals, or at least chat a little bit on what I’ve been doing to keep myself occupied while I wait just a wee tiny bit longer on edits and my cover.

I’ve been productive, just not to my usual level and it’s been a little scattered. Little pieces here and there. But I’m going through these truly fantastic spurts of inspiration. I even got out some of my drawings last night and did a little sketching. If I can figure out how, I might try to include some of the sketches into BoB, but that’s a bridge to cross once I get into the thick of formatting this thing.

I’m not going to break things down the way I usually do today. I’m just going to give a general overview. I’m still plugging along with Serpent in a Cage and the various other projects I have right now. I started a new short story, but I doubt I’ll be able to finish it before next Sunday, so I started another one I hope will be quicker. That said, I’ve returned to updating the Featured Story, and will thrive to keep doing so every Sunday, which means writing a new short story every week since I’ve dried out my BoB pool. It’s a good challenge, but one I’ll have to make sure I stay on top of, because I’ve been slacking off these last few weeks.

The new Featured Story, “A Song for the Underworld,” was the only thing that really came out of my now-defunct Closing Lines challenge. It’s a modern Orpheus story, and I kind of like it, but I worry that it’s too melodramatic. Please let me know what you think, what could be improved, or anything else that comes to mind. Once it’s switched out with a new story, I’m going to start sending it out.

The readings is going well, as always, finishing up more books, starting new ones, getting inspired and feeling encouraged. As I mentioned, I’ve been sketching more, which is great, because my drawings always inspire me, remind me of things I wanted to do, and help me to express my creativity through channels other than my writing. I’m hoping to either get the chance to use a scanner at my roommate’s parents’ place or get my own scanner fixed soon so that I might share some of these sketches.

That’s mostly all for today. The posting was a little delayed for a case of “there’s a cat sitting in my writing chair again.” If you get the chance, be sure to check in on my other RoWers here. Until then, happy writing!



  1. I hear you on being scattered. I’ve been struggling with that a bit this month. However, it sounds like you have been moving forward and that’s the direction we’re aiming for, right? Wishing you a fab week!

  2. I think the waiting is the worst part. Edits, beta readers, cover art…it can make you anxious,

    I can’t wait to read Bowlful of Bunnies, and I’ll wait patiently for Serpent in a Cage. 🙂

  3. lol, low productivity seems to be catching at the moment! I’m right there with you on that one! 😉

  4. Scattered describes the entire month of May for me. I’ve finished a few good books in the last few days. I know I should study the structure, but I still read strictly for pleasure. I don’t want to disassemble the books just quite yet because I want to enjoy them as a get away from the rest of the world.

    Good luck with getting back on track. That’s my goal for June.

  5. Sometimes the day/week/month is a little scattered. I try to recognize that as a benefit, a way to look further afield and fuel my creativity. Then I make myself get focused again. I’ll check out your story.

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