Still a Better Love Story than Twilight.

My apologies to the Twilight fans out there…

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble thinking of things to post about in this blog. Most of my brainpower is being sent over to the tedium of editing and prepping a manuscript, a tedium that does not make for harrowing, gripping blogging material. I even decided to skip my Round of Words in 80 Days check-in yesterday because there really wasn’t any exciting new news: working on editing Bowlful of Bunnies, plodding along on Serpent in a Cage and other various tales, reading….The only different thing would be an update to the Featured Story, but I’m still typing that up, so even this week won’t have a new one, because I’m going to hold it off for next Sunday.

So I tried to think about what to write about today, and a thought popped into my head: Meme Monday. I’ll admit, I love memes. They’re addicting, they make me laugh, and I even find them a little inspirational. And the “Still a Better Love Story than Twilight” meme is not even one of the best ones…some of them are clever, but a lot of them are pretty obvious. Of course Bert and Ernie have a better love story than Twilight; Bert and Ernie are ultimate. But this one touches on something that I wanted to do a post on for a while now and just haven’t found the right springboard for it: ROMANCE.

There have been a few posts about romance on my blog-list, though I can’t remember from who, which was part of the reason I haven’t posted this yet. I wanted to remember who they were so I could link them, but, alas. Still, my brain has been thinking about the romantic relationships we put our characters through, and why. A popular topic has always been the love triangle, of course (I’m guilty of some of those, though I tend to prefer love quadrangles and the like), and whether or not romantic relationships are written out of a little bit of vicariously living through our characters. I’m definitely guilty of that second part, too. But I work with so many characters and story lines that I like to think I run a pretty wide range of types of relationships and romances.

How do you tend to write romance in your works? Is it inspired by actual relationships or do you indulge a little bit in wishful thinking? What are some of your favorite love stories in literature and film?

I gave this a little bit of thought, too; romance is definitely not what I look for in a book. I look for story, and if romance happens to spawn out of that story, cool, but I’m not heartbroken if I don’t have a sweeping love story. So my favorite, I think, would have to be the love story between Sergeant Angua and Captain Carrot from Terry Pratchett’s excellent Discworld books. The ending of Thud! still makes me wibble, and it’s not a typical love story. It’s a story that tells an awful lot about the two individuals, and Angua’s struggle with accepting Carrot’s love has more to do with her own issues and getting over them than they do about him, and he knows it and he gives her time and is so sweet, but he’s a little secretly devious about it, too, because he knows her so well.

I honestly don’t think I could choose a favorite out of my one repertoire of relationships. There are so many that I love for a variety of different reasons that it would be really difficult to narrow it down to a favorite. Locke and Aelis Maria have been high on my list lately, just because I’m realizing that Locke is never really interested in romance until he meets her, but there’s always the fact that she’s kind of like his mother, which is a little creepy…but interesting. Phantalia and Trevor have always been up there, too, because he loves her despite the fact that she’s absolutely insane and some genetically modified monster. Those are the first two that pop into my mind, but, as I type, I realize I could probably go on like this forever.

So I’ll stop myself before that happens, and open the gates to let you share your own favorite love stories. Because, let’s face it, anything is a better love story than Twilight.



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