RoW80 Check-In: May 9th!

“Gilferen couldn’t handle it anymore. He had the stone in his hand now and held it aloft. ‘Here it is,’ he shouted and promptly delivered it straight into the skull of its previous owner. It made a strange, dull sound, and the bear’s big, muscular body collapsed onto the floor, finally motionless.”

This past week has, admittedly, been very….off. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I want to chalk a lot of it to work-related stress and, if my male readers will forgive me a moment, womanly problems. I wonder if the momentum of no longer editing Bowlful of Bunnies has also been affecting it a little, as well as a few other theories, but I’m eager to try to use today to sort of get back in the swing of things. I’m ready to get back to typing, back to scribbling, and back to posting more regular and more engaging posts here. I’m also attempting to cut the coffee, so that should be…interesting, too. I suppose a Round of Words in 80 Days post is a good place to start with that. So let’s have a look at how my goals have been going:

Serpent in a Cage: I haven’t had a lot of time to work on SiaC lately, because, of course, I’ve just gotten past the fight scene I was having difficulty writing, and so now that I want to write, I can’t seem to find the time to get to it. Today should be a nice change in pace there, and I really want to work toward some catch-up today. I’m also going to try to get back to dedicating myself to making sure that page-a-day is written before I go to bed. I do the best writing before I go to bed, I’ve noticed, it’s just a matter of making sure I’m not too tired that I can’t get through a page. Page count: 70/127.

Bowlful of Bunnies: A couple of my AWESOME betas have gotten back to me so I hope to get a chance within the next few days to go over their suggestions and finds. Right now, I’m not entirely sure I have the brain power for it, but I know this weekend I’m going to hope to do some work on brushing it up a little based on the feedback. Which is just really cool, and now that I’ve typed this, I’ve got that excitement for it, so maybe I’ll do some today if I find time. Or tomorrow!

Book No. 0002: The quest to work on a bunch of books all at once hasn’t been working very well; I just haven’t had the time! I stuck with 59th and Western, a story about a writer who builds her dream cottage on an abandoned lot, only to discover that the place has been an abandoned lot for so long for a reason, for a good stretch, but it wasn’t really captivating me, so I pulled out a book I started a long time ago about a dystopian zombie-type tale with a Nameless Hero, and I’m really feeling this one right now. It has the potential to be perhaps a trilogy, which is always a bonus, so I’m working on typing up what’s already written today, and then some outlining and writing from there.

The 100 Books Project: I just finished the massive brick of a 700+ book for April this morning, boosting my numbers and getting a book that was honestly not that enjoyable out of the way. I think that factors into the trailing progress lately, too, but I was determined to finish it. Onto some more engaging books! Books read: 16/100. (5/38 for this round).

So, there you have it. This check-in is pretty short and sweet. Things are happening, but nothing too exciting. You might be able to find more exciting things over here; that’s where all the other RoWers can be found! Check ’em out, good luck, and, as always, happy writing!



  1. Womanly problems… oh yeah.

    Good luck in getting back into the swing of things. (And it’s good to have a book that excites you, even if it isn’t the one(s) you intend to work on.)

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