RoW80 Update: May 2nd!

“‘A misunderstanding?’ the man barked with disdain. A rough laugh exploded from his mouth. ‘Ha! Because there are so many sticky-fingered pale Northerners in this city to confuse you with. You took the stone, and I want it back.'”

Things are starting to settle slightly back into order for me, though I know it’s going to be short lived. Tomorrow, I’ll be traipsing off to a midnight showing of The Avengers, which should be interesting considering I usually go to bed at ten. Thankfully, the showing is at Hollywood Boulevard, and so there will be booze. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of state I’m in on Friday…

But today, I settle in for my Round of Words in 80 Days update, things are going well. The extra time I’ve been taking to clean up this apartment has been well worth it and much needed, but I’m also doing a great job with my writerly and reading goals as well. Let’s have a look:

Serpent in a Cage: The fighty scene continues to make me wonder if I’m any good at fighty scenes. Probably not. Still forging forward, especially since I got the idea to write myself notes of things I’d like to see in SiaC once I get to typing it, and then I can work on developing those things that I feel would make the book a lot better, but that I usually don’t have the time or energy to add to the story “just right now.” Still, it’s coming along and doing okay. Page count: 67/120.

Bowlful of Bunnies:

I’ve got Betas reading through it, my cover artist sketching, and so it’s mostly a waiting game at this point. I considered going through with more edits, but I want to refresh my brain with a little bit of new stuff before one last go-through.

Book No. 0002: Okay, so….I have come up with an idea that might be a little bit crazy. A lot bit crazy, anyway, and I’m sure a lot of you are going to read this and stamp it as official L.S. Engler insanity. But I mentioned that I wanted to do a sort of NaNoWriMo thing for Book No. 0002 this year, and that I’ll just plug away at words for the month of May and see what I’ve got at the end of it. The problem was that I didn’t know what I wanted to write about yet. A few ideas were floating around in my head, but nothing really solidified itself. So I’ve decided….why not try to write around 1667 words per day on several different books and the one that sticks and develops the most will clearly be the winner? Now, I’m not going to be religious about this. This is mostly an “if I have time” pursuit, but I will be poking at at least one story a day for at least 1667 words. But I figure it could be a great way to test the waters on a lot of different potential books. Right now, I’m working on two, so, by the of the day, I know I’ll be happy with them each at 3334 word each.

I’m….pretty far at the moment on one, but the first one I started a couple of days ago is actually pretty good for the moment. I decided to “officially” start it yesterday, because it’s easier to track where I should be on any given story by just multiplying 1667 by whatever day of the month it is. I still think this is vaguely crazy. I’m not even sure it makes any sense. But I’m really excited to see if I pull it off, or if it just sort of falls to the wayside. Just think of all the new, rich material I’ll have composed if it does work!

The 100 Books Project: I’ve got one book finished in the wings, ready for review, and I’m 100 pages away from finishing the 700+ book for April. So this is going very, very well. I’m getting back into the habit of reading before bed, and that’s getting quite a lot of pages done! Books read: 15/100. (4/38 for this round)

Other Novels: Chapter One of To Cross a River of Blood opens with my main character tossing his cookies over the side of a ship. Awesome. I also found an old copy of a start to the book that follows TCaRoB, too, so I might start poking at that. Part of my brain is all, “FINISH JUST ONE BOOK OF THIS SERIES FIRST!” but most of my brain resoundingly answers it with, “AHAHA, NO.”

So, there you have it. A quick little look-see into how my goals are going. I talked to my dad on the phone today, and I mentioned Bowlful of Bunnies (we got on the topic of his broken Kindle and his new iPad for work), and he jokingly threw out that he’d have fifty bucks in it for me if I had it out by the end of June. I told him I planned on having it ready at the end of May, so I guess I’ll find out then if he’s going to let me hold it to him! Ha! Anyway, be sure to check out my fellow RoWers here and happy writing!


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  1. I am completely amazed that you can work on so many projects at one time. I may pick at a few things, but I have to concentrate on one or I get lost and confused. Have fun with your book a day Loosing Sanity, and hopefully you find the right project for right now.
    No Avengers spoilers as I won’t get to see it till friday after work (the first time I’m not going to see a movie during matinee hours in years, but I’ve been waiting for years to see this movie for years!)
    Avengers’ Assemble!

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