RoW80 Check-In: April 22nd!

“…’Are you sure that’s a good idea? What if he’s down there, waiting for you? He wasn’t exactly in a pleasant mood when he stormed off, naked and booted out of bed, you know.'”

This RoW80 update is going up much later than usual today, thanks to a variety of factors. The biggest one is simply that I’ve been a little lazy. I’m not used to having Sunday off and I’ve been reveling in that. Also, there was grocery shopping. And there was also finishing a last minute app for Fandom High (there’s still time to join the insanity!). And there’s also feeling incredibly off because my Kindle’s charge cord has not been working very well and I’ve been fighting with it all morning. Has anyone else had problems with their charge cords? Essentially, it doesn’t seem to fit into the plug anymore. If anyone has encountered this or has suggestions other than Maguivering a hold on it with pens and sundries, I’d appreciate it.

To boot, I don’t really have an exciting update in store for today, anyway. Things have been a little off all week, I think in anticipation for the new schedule coming up this week, but let’s have a peek at what did get set into motion these last few days:

Bowlful of Bunnies: Got things sorted out with my cover artist; she’s pretty busy, but I should have something from her before the end of next week, and so that’s really excited. Still waiting to hear back on a couple of stories sent out, but I’m thinking I might forge ahead without them (or retract a specific one or two) and get things ready to be sent out to beta readers. And then it’s figuring out formatting and getting everything done to get it published and ready to go. How exciting is that? This is almost ready to happen, guys. It’s both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Wish me luck on these next few weeks. I’ll have a book published in May! Holy canolli, Batman! I can almost taste it!

Serpent in a Cage: Managed to write all of one paragraph of SiaC lately. Hey! At least I’m finally on page 64? Page count: 64/111.

The 100 Books Project: I managed to get my Pharmacology review up! And I’m almost finished with at least two books! So there’s at least some progress there. So help me, though, if I wind up finishing the next Song of Ice and Fire book before March’s 700+ book…that’s going to just be sad. Books read: 13/100. (2/38 for this Round).

Novel No. 002: I started working on an outline for my Battle Royale-esque survival book, tentatively titled The Reaping. Not sure if this is the sort of book I want to tackle, but I’m thinking of doing a poll soon to get an idea of what people might like to see from me as a second book.

Other Novels: I actually finished the Prologue to To Cross a River of Blood, which was a little unexpected, but very cool. It’s been making me want to go back to what I wrote for NaNoWriMo last year, since that’s the book that comes between TCaRoB and SiaC.

Featured Story: Earlier last week, I went scrambling through all the papers in my library and bedroom, looking for my W-2s because, as a recent resident of Illinois without an Illinois ID, I still have to file my state taxes the old fashioned way and, irritated when I remembered only after I paid to have them done online, I had put them aside until later. This was stupid and forced me to do my state taxes (blissfully simple as they are) at the last minute, but a good thing did come out of it. In my search, I came across the one printed copy I had of the two flash fictions I had published in Temenos, the ones that have long since disappeared from their website. And so I’m glad to have “9 September 1979” and “Bridge Over the River Yuanfen” included in Bowlful of Bunnies now, and as this week’s Featured Story. I was reading a lot of Da Chen and Dai Sijie at the time, and I still feel that “Bridge” is a personal favorite out of anything I’ve ever written. Feedback and thoughts on the stories will always be appreciated.

Pretty short and sweet because my brain is so totally elsewhere right now. For a little more excitement, check out the other RoWers here! And, as always, happy writing!



  1. Glad I found this blog. Reading about what other writers are doing always inspires me to make time to follow my own hobby.

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