RoW80 Check-In: April 18th!

“But Gilferen stopped himself, as the door opened again and he had a chance to see exactly how the woman looked. At first, all he saw were colors, bright and loud, with no sense of order or pattern. Then he saw the long, glistening black hair. Her body, the first thing Gilferen was likely to notice, was carefully hidden in the boxy shape of her silken Analisian robe. She turned to slip a key from her roomy sleeves to lock to door; a red bow at the small of her back seemed to dance at him like a preening butterfly.

I didn’t manage to get my Round of Words in 80 Days check-in up on Sunday, mostly due to convention fatigue, and that’s okay, because there really wasn’t much of an update to be had, anyway. Unfortunately, a couple days later, there still isn’t much of an update to be had. My focus has been all over the place since getting back, but, hopefully, as I have only three days (geez, as if my financial woes weren’t enough already) of work this week, things will pick up nicely soon. I know I plan to get an awful lot of stuff done today, though not all the stuff is writing related.

So where do I stand on my goals for this round? Let’s have a look:

Bowlful of Bunnies: Is very close to be ready for beta readers. I intend to send out some emails today regarding a cover and some stories I have floating around out there in the ether, and then hopefully, I’ll put up a call for betas soon after that. In other words, this thing is very close to being done and ready, and I wonder if that’s half the reason my goals have been slagging, out of nervous anticipation for the Next Big Step. But I’m going to forge forward all the same and get it done and ready by the end of April, if not the first week of May. I know I originally wanted 20 stories, but I think I’m going to find out where some of those floating stories are, finish up the one from my Closing Lines challenge ages ago, and call that good. I’ll have at least 13, unless it’s suggested that any particular story be omitted, and that’s not too shabby. We’ll see where I am at the end of the week and go from there. Plus, I found an old college-era pirate story I might look into editing, as well as a print copy of the two stories published in Temenos that seem to have disappeared from their website. Stories so far: 11/20.

Serpent in a Cage: Has continued to suffer its poor, neglected existence right now. But it understands, and I know it will always be waiting for me when other projects aren’t demanding my attention. Until then, the page count goal increases, while the needle stays stuck in the sixties. Page count so far: 63/107.

The 100 Books Project: I’m still sitting on a review for the last book I’ve finished, while getting closer to finishing a few others. My theory about potentially getting some reading done last weekend was a really stupid theory, if you think about it. There wasn’t much time for anything but the convention, so I’m dragging a little behind on this, hoping to catch up a little in the next few days. Books read: 12/100. (1/38 for this round)

Book No. 002: I have started sketching out some rough outlines for at least one potential book (inspired ages ago by Battle Royale but sure to draw at least a few Hunger Game comparisons), though my brain keeps flitting toward pulling up either Ragnorok: Space Vikings or the post-apocalyptic zombie piece from a few months ago and start outline those. Still some time before I need to be more firm about it, though, so we’ll see where the muse would like to go when we get there.

Other Books: Not much progress has been made with these, though To Cross a River of Blood is definitely standing out as the one I’m having the best time with, which just makes me want to go back and work on the book that (may) fall between TCaRoB and SiaC. But, with all the other goals right now with the exception of BoB, we shall see.

There you have it! Another exciting updates from the trenches of editsville! If you’re looking for more excitement, you might find it with my fellow RoWers here, and, until next time, space cowboys, happy writing!

Well, we’re not entirely done yet. I still have to welcome and thank Leo Rex for hopping on board and following my blog! Good to have you here!



  1. Editing always takes up more time and energy than you think it will, I notice. So good going!

    I’m thinking of adding a reading track to my ROW80 updates. (I won’t add it as a goal, just because I don’t like to scatter my goals too much.) My TBR pile is so high… it would do me good to mark the progress.

  2. Laura, don’t be hard on yourself for missing your goals this weekend. Conventions are like that… They consume time and energy and give it back to us in ideas, friendships and fun (sounds like a decent trade off to me). I hope you had a lot of fun.

    I confess, I always find it a little odd when I come here and you start comparing story ideas you have with other stories out there. Not saying I think it’s stilly or wrong, just odd…. It’s a perspective thing. But how could anything be wrong when it’s following titles like A Bowlful of Bunnies? šŸ˜‰

    Now that you’re rested up though… Now it’s time to “get to work”.

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