RoW80 Check-In: April 4th.

”       ‘Aseteya!‘ she hissed accusingly, staring them down. It was pure fury until concern started to furrow her heavy brow. There was harsh judgement in her glare, but it was being chased by worry as she looked them over. ‘How much of that did the two of you witness?’
      ‘Not much,’ Locke assured her.
      ‘Too much,’ Gilferen countered dryly, with an unappreciated remembrance of the scorned man’s naked, flexing arse.”

It’s so exciting to be in another Round for A Round of Words in 80 Days! The regular check-ins, the goals, and the community that’s built up around this fantastic challenge is what really drives me to keep on track with my writing. I’m still 100% convinced that stumbling on RoW80 was one of the greatest things to ever happen to my writing. Because of it, I’ve been inspired to finally publish, I’ve been nudged to finally check out the wonderful world of e-publishing, I’ve met a lot of great new writers and supporters, and found more blogs to follow that I could ever really keep up with. I’m learned so much about myself and my own writing, too, and I can’t even imagine (nor do I want to!) where I’d be if I hadn’t started this whole thing.

That said, the last few days since starting the Round have been incredibly good for me. They’re cutting hours big time at work this month, so, instead of stressing out (too much) about what I’m going to do with a diminished paycheck, I’ve been dedicating myself to treating my writing more like a job and spending around six hours (give or take a little house cleaning and reading here and there) working on writing, blogging, and other writerly tasks. And I love it. I’m a little bummed because tomorrow, I have a morning shift, so that throws off the nice streak I’ve had going, but I can make it up on Friday.

Let’s have a look on how the last few days have been for me in particulars:

Serpent in a Cage: Due to the editing of Bowlful of Bunnies and trying to finish up last week’s Closing Lines piece, I haven’t been able to work much on SiaC, which is fine because I know I’m going to really make up for it once that other stuff is cleared a little. As of now, we’re looking at a page count of 62/93.

Bowlful of Bunnies: By the end of today, I will have weeded through the stories I’ve gathered so far and have ten of them brushed up and polished for review. I’m working through “Just Right” as we speak, remembering just how much I love the story and the world I created with that one and contemplating a potential novel to spawn off of it, or if I want to stick with just a bunch of fairy tale based stories. But that’s for later. I’m still waiting to hear back on a few stories I’ve sent out, and then it’s just a matter of figuring out new stories to add, since I’d like at least 20. Needless to say, this this is so close to being finished and ready for betas that I can barely handle it. Next week is going to be really exciting! Stories ready so far: 7/20. At the end of the day, it should be 10/20, and then I’ll figure out if I really need 20.

The 100 Books Project: Reading a lot, a lot, a lot. That’s one of the benefits of having your hours cut and having no attention span to work on your writing for one large chunk. Just break it up with a chapter of a book or two here and there! I have one book in the wings waiting to be reviewed, too, so things are going well here. Books read for….this round: 1/38. year total: 12/100.

Book No. 002: It’s still a little too early to be putting too much thought into the second book to publish this year. I’m mostly deciding if I want to work with something genre-bent or general fiction, but those questions should fall into place once I’m focusing more on this specifically. I suppose I could throw it out to the crowd and get some thoughts on if there’s anything in particular my readers would like to see from me. I dabble in a little bit of everything, and enjoy nearly everything, but what would you like to see? What do you enjoy reading in general or have there been any particular projects that you’d like so see more of sooner? Even just idle thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Other Novels: I’m almost finished with the prologue to To Cross a River of Blood, one of the books to follow Serpent in a Cage, and that’s kind of exciting. The nice thing about picking at books here and there is that the completion of things like that kind of sneak up on you pleasantly. I haven’t had much of a chance to touch the circus one, though, and my mind has been wondering if I should use that for Book No. 002, or if I want to go with something entirely different for that one.

So, there you have it! I feel like I’m off to a great start with all the work I’ve been pouring into BoB. It’s really going to pay off soon, and then it’s off to a whole new adventure! The excitement and the momentum is really moving me forward and there’s a lot of great things ahead for this Round, I can just feel it! Please try to stop in and see how my fellow RoWers are doing here, and I’m going to try to possibly join in on the Twitter party at #Row80 but…it’s Twitter, so we’ll see. I am such a TwitFail. Until then, happy writing!

Oh, and allow me to welcome WriteThoseWords as my latest subscriber! Thanks so much for following! Good to have you aboard!



  1. Fantastic goals. I’m doing the 100 books in a year also. I slacked off a little last month, but I just finished number 22. So many in my Kindle app and on the bookshelf I want to get to.

    Good luck with the goals.


  2. I love the phrase you used as ” other writerly tasks”

    I cannot give you an unbiased critque on your writing…because I love it all and fully support all your endeavors and your soon to be published successes (yes plural) You are a talented one~~ Ms. Engler…keep on writing and PURSUING THOSE GOALS

  3. Taking requests? Anything Star Wars would be awesome! But seriously, I’ve written what I wanted whether or not I thought it would sell, or would be en vogue. A writer should write for themselves and if they like what they’ve written then others will like it as well, but that’s just me, I’m arrogant and stubborn. Although, I always really liked your flash fiction piece with the black stones and the castle in the background. Or anything Star Wars.

  4. Those are some wonderful goals Miss Engler! Working consistently on your WIP’s and a reading goal is really great. Those will take you to wonderful places. And I’m thrilled to hear that you are starting to publish your work also. You’re an inspiration to me. And I love ROW too. I found it after I won NaNoWriMo 2011. It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made.

  5. I’m like you, I feel like ROW80 is what has really kept me motivated to write. I had published some things before, but ROW80 has kept me going when I was starting to get lazy.

    It sounds like you’re really excited and ready to take on the world! 🙂 Good luck with all your projects. I know you’ll work hard on them as you always do.

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