Closing Lines Tuesday.

Last week, I came up with an idea for a writing prompt/challenge based on one of my favorite quotes from Joseph Heller: “I can’t start writing until I have a closing line.” The challenge is simple, really. Every Tuesday, I’ll post a different prompt. Instead of it being meant to inspire you or be used as an opening line, it is intended to be the closing line of the story. I think it’s a really interesting twist on the traditional prompt, and gives us a chance to try to build something out of how it’s going to end, rather than starting something out and seeing where it ends up.

Last week’s prompt was Though she knew she shouldn’t, she turned her head and looked back. I intended to have my own contribution ready, but it’s been a weird week, and I’m still working on it. Basically, though, it’s a gender swapped, modern version of the Orpheus myth, so I’m really excited about it, and it’ll probably be next week’s featured story. I kind of suck for not putting it up here today, but it’s going to be a little longer, anyway, making it more appropriate, I think, for a featured story. Plus the whole not finished thing. I noticed this morning that Fallon Brown had more success, so you should go check out what she did.

Here’s this week’s closing line prompt:

He knew, in the end, that everything would be all right.

So let’s see what you got! Take the challenge and do with it what you will. Share it on your own blog, this blog, wherever, if you feel so inclined! And, if you have a suggestion for a closing line to use in the future, I’d love to hear it! Now I’m off to go see what I can do to get that story finished up and this new one started!

Before I go, though, I want to take a second to thank Lady Romp for following the blog! Welcome aboard! Good to have you on and I look forward to reading your posts, too!



  1. I like the idea of this (and I like the quote). I don’t think I’m much good at actually getting a closing line first because daft ones keep popping into my head. Ones like:

    – Then he turned over and scratched his ass.

    – “No the cat just sicked on the carpet”

    – It turns out she was right, Elton John really does sound like a child tied to a piano and a broken karaoke machine.

    Actually I might use that last one.

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