RoW80 Check-In: March 7th!

“‘I…I’m sorry!’ The pain of a thousand heated needles still pricked his arm, cradled defensively against his chest. The moment his skin had touched that bauble, the effect of excruciating, and it lingered in a way that made him want to whimper, curl up into a protective ball until it subsided. His arm felt stiff, and another pained groan wiggled out of him. “As soon as I touched it…,” he tried explaining, blinked, and realized that he had neither breath nor words. He had to wonder how Locke had managed to handle it if he was still feeling it himself. ‘Sorry. I just…'”

It’s hard to believe it’s already Wednesday, but here it is, so it’s time for another RoW80 update! Its been an odd few days since Sunday’s check-in; I’d say I’ve mostly just been taking it easy. Sometimes, you just have to, but I’ve been feeling a little guilty and that perhaps I’ve been taking things a little easy a bit too much lately. The name of the game today, then, will be focus. I have the day off, so I’m going to try to see if I can focus on getting some specific writing tasks done today, or if I wind up just being distracted by books or cleaning yet again. I know it’s supposed to be goooorgeous out, too, so I’m planning at least a walk to the bank and the grocery store to fit in there, as well. But for now, let’s talk writing, baby!

Serpent in a Cage: Moving along smoothly through the second chapter, especially since this is a chapter I’m taking from the original draft almost verbatim. I’m just tighting things up a little here and there until I get back to the new material. It pleases me to know that not all of the original draft is going completely to waste, either. Some of it can still be used, just tweaked a little to fit the new approach. It’s like recycling! I’m hoping to get through this chapter today, but we shall see. Page count: 30/63.

Teen Fantasy Anthology: I told myself yesterday that, even if I didn’t like the piece that I had been working on that day to submit to Morgan Dragonwillow’s Teen Fantasy Anthology, submit it anyway. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, and I think I just need to push through a wall to get me back on track with this one. And then….I didn’t. I got home, felt really tired, and decided I just wanted to go to bed. So this morning I thought about what has been my Achilles heel with this challenge…was it the teen aspect I was struggling with? I think I realized that it’s more of the shapeshifter theme of the anthology. I don’t write a lot with shapeshifters, so I’m feeling that it’s starting to get old, that I don’t have the ability to create 30 different stories about shapeshifting teens that don’t start to resemble each other or seem the same story, with different characters and a different setting.

I feel I’ve got a really good concept for today’s prompt that might really help me break this funk. I know I said that about Monday’s prompt, and that one failed, too, but I think if I really dedicate myself to it today, it’ll happen. I’m going to set aside a specific time and that’s going to be “contest story” time. We’ll see how it goes.

Bowlful of Bunnies: I’m also going to try to set aside some time to finish typing up “Spring Thaw;” I’ve only got a few pages, and it shouldn’t be dragging like it is, so I need to finish that today and start picking at something new for my own Anthology soon, too.

The 100 Books Project: I’ve got another one down, so expect a review tomorrow, and then it’s off to pick out which one I’m closest to next and whip through that bad boy as well. On the plus side, while my focus has been straying from writing an awful lot lately, it’s been wandering over to reading, so I’ve had my nose in a book quite often lately. After all, next to writing, it just about is the best thing ever. Books read: 8/100.

Other Novels: No notable progress on these guys, since I’m mostly just picking at them, anyway, but I do wish to mention that I’m loving the direction the circus one is going. I think it’s going to be really charming, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there starts to be more about it surfacing on here soon.

Not nearly as an exciting or eventful update as it could be, but that’s the thing when you’re in the thick of something. Slow and steady is the name of the game, and there aren’t very many big, eventful victories, just small little ones on the way. Some things work out beautifully, others dwindle and require more work and effort. Hopefully, however, come Sunday, you’ll be hearing about all the new stories I submitted and about the groove being back a little more. Be sure to check out some other RoWers here, and happy writing!

I’d also like to take a second and thank Paint Your Landscape for following the blog! I’m really looking forward to following their journeys as well!


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  1. Good intentions are good – I like shapeshifters and have written a few stories about them – but 30 is indeed a lot. As long as you’re enjoying it and having fun, then that’s pretty dang cool. Rest is definitely important – it’s good to take days to yourself to refuel and recharge. Good luck with the rest of your week no matter what you decide to do 🙂

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