On Saturdays…

Saturdays always seem to be the days in which I have the most difficulty thinking something to write here in this blog. Sometimes I skip it. I definitely didn’t want to skip it today because I’m a little behind on my word counts; I didn’t get a chance to do much work yesterday; instead of writing, my time was spent helping out a friend a little, and that’s much more important than word counts. But it isn’t untypical for me to sit down at my computer on Saturday and not know what in the world to write.

I’ve been thinking of doing some world-building posts about the structure and details about Aryneth. I’m not sure if anyone would be particularly interested in those, but I know I’m a nerd for those details and I haven’t spent as much time as I used to on that sort of thing. So there may be some posts about that coming up, but not today. Today is mostly about Saturdays.

And the mere fact that I can’t remember the last time I had a “typical” Saturday, which means that first beautiful day of the weekend where you don’t do much besides laze about the house and recharge from the long week. Saturdays are usually my longest, busiest days at work, and I don’t think I’ve had a Saturday off in over six months. I usually still have the mornings off, and sometimes their productive, like this morning. Other times, I never get enough done and I feel like the whole day is completely wasted. Saturdays are only going to continue to get crazier with the approaching holidays, but once that’s okay I should really just take a Saturday off….just to have a Saturday off for a change, and I will spend it lazing about and not doing much of anything except reading and catching up on all the TV shows I’ve been missing.

It sounds so glorious, doesn’t it? And today, I’ve resolved to just do what I can to catch up on my word counts and just let things go with the flow at work and if I do well, awesome, if not, ah well. Tomorrow’s another day, and it’s not Saturday.

What are your Saturdays usually like? Do you feel your creativity gets a chance to shine on the day that usually means freedom for some people? Or do you feel it’s a little stifled, a little dulled, and your creativity seems a little more effective on other days? Is the Saturday lull shared with others, or mostly just me? Always interested to hear your thoughts, of course!


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