L.S. Engler and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning.

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up, nothing goes quite right, and you almost wonder if you should have never gotten up in the first place? That was my morning, for the most part, which is why you’re getting a post about my irritation with it rather than some long-winded post about the magic system in the Aryneth books, which was what I was thinking of typing up for today. But the moment I went to throw out yesterday’s coffee grounds before making a fresh pot and they all wound up on the floor next to the trash bin, I decided I would probably screw that up instead.

I’m hoping a good deal of this awkwardness this morning is just a pre-coffee state of affairs. I was a up a little later again working on my word counts, and so maybe I’m just a little extra tired, and things should start looking up. It’s 11/11/11 today! How could it not go well? I need it to be a good day; the last few days at work have been harsh and making me crave one day being able to focus on my writing as my main priority rather than some overly stressful retail job; our area manager will be in today, as well, so there’s some added pressure there, but I’m determined to keep a positive attitude and let what will be, will be. And everything else will take care of itself, and then I can come home and just write, write, write!

And may I just mention that I find it very ironically cruel that Pandora radio keeps playing Styx’s Too Much Time On My Hands lately? Yeah, very funny, Pandora. Very funny.

Do you have any surefire way to shake off a bad morning? I know coffee and a little bit of reading always helps revive me and make me ready for the day, but how about you? Any tips on how to clean up the mess of an icky morning so that you can go forth and have a fantastic day despite all that?


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