The Power of Determination.

With my first week of my first serious attempt at NaNoWriMo, which was also a week where I easily worked over 40 hours without a day off, I’ve definitely gained some interesting perspective. Despite how busy I was, despite all my other writing challenges, I still managed to plow through and make all my goals. It wasn’t easy; I think I’m still feeling a little tired from the few nights I had to stay up well past my bedtime to get my word count out, but the fact of the matter was that I did it. I have two days off in front of me now, where I’ll probably take it easy, but hopefully not too easy, because with the holiday season is coming up and these sorts of weeks are going to be pretty frequent!

On top of making all my writing goals, I also managed to excel in sales at work, even beating my boss by twenty bucks for the week! That’s so solid, and it just comes to show that if you’re determined and you take things one thing at a time to keep yourself from being overwhelmed, you can accomplish some pretty great things.

It got me thinking a little bit about two things: what do other people do to keep themselves determined and ready to go? I know, for me, it’s just making sure I maintain a certain zen. Don’t get stressed out about it; down that path leads failure. But you accept things as they are and just sincerely try to accomplish what you set out to do, everything else usually takes care of itself.

It also got me thinking about how I work best when I’m busy. These next two days will be nice; it’ll be good to have the time off, but I have a feekling I will mostly just putz around, get a few things done, but not make any extremely notable headway. I could be wrong, of course, which would be nice, but I know how I seem to make up for the busyness by just taking it easy on days off.

How about you? Do you tend to take it easy on days off and work best with a lot on your plate? Or do you use your days off to just relax and recharge? What do you tell yourself or do to keep yourself motivated and determined even when you’ve got a lot going on? For me, I just know that determination can carry you through nearly anything. Working in sales, you’re often at the mercy of things you can’t control: maybe the traffic is low and you’re not getting many people into your store, but you work the best with what you can, and if you don’t make it, tomorrow’s always another day. But, for the most part, when I write and how much of I do is something that I can determine, and I will determine that I will do it well!

Keep motivated, everyone! Just remember how incredible you’ll feel when you realize how much you’ve done, despite the circumstances that might have held you back.



  1. Good job on staying current with your writing! I have written the requisite number of words, however they belong to two different stories. That’s probably “not” how you are supposed to do this thing…

  2. Sounds like a great writing week – I so admire those of you who dive into NaNo – I was tempted but it felt like more than I can chew right now so I am writing at a slower pace and living vicariously through all of you too : ). When I was writing more in the mornings, I used to day my days off as truly “off” and be lazy even in that. Now that I divide my pre-work mornings between words and the gym – with the gym eating the biggest chunk of them – I need to write more on the weekends and random days off. I tend to take one day (usually Saturday) as a productivity day – to write, write and write. Then if I do, I reward myself but letting Sunday be a day to just spend with Lee, or read, or go do something fun.

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