RoW80 Check-In: November 6th.

“‘….Lucky you, a private audience and everything. The only others who earn such a privilege are myself and his whores.’
“What’s the difference?'”

I always hate to admit it, but the end of Daylight Saving’s Time “Fall Back” is a godsend. It’s been a rough weekend for me on the side of work; I haven’t had a day off since the Friday before last, so I’m pretty brow-beaten at the moment. And yet, despite that, despite the long rough day I had last night (just about nearly ten hours in a busy, busy shop and still not managing to make our daily goals), I still came home last night to plow away at finishing that last page on one WIP, the last 500 words I didn’t get to in my NaNo, and the 500 words for my Novel in 6 Months. I was up until midnight, an hour and a half later than usual, and I did it! Plus I got an extra hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Saving’s Time and I don’t even feel too tired and I still have tome to get some other writing work done this morning before I get to do it all over again! Whoo hoo!

Plus, I basically have two days off starting tomorrow (a three hour shift at my side job doesn’t count!) and I am stoked! I just need to survive today, and then tomorrow I’ll get the chance to be super productive. How’re things from last check in?

Serpent in a Cage: I know this chapter is a long one, but it’s been moving along. I’ve been getting a little more than a page done every day, which is some nice padding. This is also the last chapter that missing from the original draft, so as soon as this one’s finished I’m back to following along with the first draft, which goes a lot quicker than when I’m trying to recreate things from memory. So far so good! Chapter: Eight. Page Count: 114.

750 Words: Still strong and steady on 750 words; I’ve been working on trying to expand a few short story snippets I’ve started; some of them develop into things I might be able to develop more, other things not so much, but I know once I finish “Just Right,” I’ll have a lot of material to help me build the next story. Nothing too exciting to report, just tha tit’s been going well!

Novel in Six Months: I’ve already started that changing the POV has really gotten this story going, and I’ve been playing around with the character interactions and developing some ideas about the house. I have a feeling a lot of this stuff I’ve been working on right now might not actually be used, but it’s very helpful for me to just sort of play around and get to know the characters better so the real story can emerge. It’s a little like a sandbox story right now. I’ll play around a bit and then decide what my sandcastle’s going to look like. And, you know, keeping up with the word count. Pages: 39. Word count: 25,822/80,0000.

NaNoWriMo: Hoo boy! The first week’s always a challenge and as I really plow forward with NaNo, I’m starting to realize why I’ve always failed in the past. Even if you’re used to writing 750 words or 500 words a day, 1667 words can still feel like an awful lot! It’ve noticed it helps for me to break it up until I get about 500 words left, and then I hit that 500 hard, all in one hit, and it goes pretty quickly. But so far, I’m right on track with a little extra. The story itself is a little bit of a mess; I’m doing a pathetic amount of telling rather than showing, but these are all things that will get polished up in the rewrite and revision. A good deal of the first part so far is in the perspective of the same character; I’m not sure if I like that, so I’m trying to decide if I want to pick another character to be in there, POV-wise, and maybe even switching the focus so that Tenenshe’ean and perhaps Tayahyla are our main POVs, and Auferrix is the off-shoot other side. I don’t know. We’ll see where it goes. Right now it’s mostly on word count, anyway, so we’ll see. Page count: 14. Word count: 8824/50,000.

0 to 70 in 69 Days: I told myself I was going to have “Just Right” finished by today, but I failed to remember that I was working every day this week and that weekends suck for me. So it didn’t get finished, because the expectation was unrealistic, and I’m not deciding that by Wednesday’s check-in, it will be ready for posting. With two days off, it’s much more realistic. My roommate’s new addiction to Grimm is having me re-evaluate my fairy tale angle a little bit, but we’ll have to see on that one.

The 100 Books Project: I’ve been blowing through some buffer books to bump up the number and I should have another ready for review on Tuesday! Hooray! Reaching 78 books by the end of December seems much more reachable now that I’m almost halfway there! 26 books in 54 days doesn’t even seem like a challenge anymore; it’s completely doable, and maybe I should go back to shooting for 100. Who knows? Books read: 49/100.

So, really, goals are being met except for a few of them, and those goals are my Ridiculous Goals that I’m not really expecting to meet anyway, they’re just for fun. There’s not much excitement in that or too many great big revelations going on right now, but it’s been fun and most importantly productive! Be sure to check out other RoWers here, and, other RoWers, I’ll hopefully get to swing by tomorrow or Tuesday!

And now it’s off to pump out some writing before bracing myself for work. Wish me luck! I just need to survive the next nine hours and then it’s freedom! For at least two days. 🙂 How are your projects going? Any NaNo stories to share? Any other guilty admissions to being SO GLAD it’s the end of Daylight’s Savings today?



  1. Good luck getting through the day. I know you need a break for sure! Congrats on keeping up with goals. You’re doing really well under the circumstances. Just keep up the great work and I hope those two days off will feel like a week long vacation 🙂

  2. Whoo Girl! It sounds like you are doing great! If I had half of that in me I would have been done with my one book in 6 months! I wanted to try NaNo this year, but it is not happening. I just don’t have the time. I say that, but then think of how much you are doing.

    I am the same way with books, I eat them! People have said you do not get the full experience when you read them faster. I do not believe that, it is just how strong of a reader you are.

    Keep up the good work, you have inspired me to bust butt today!

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