NaNoWriMo, Here We Go!

I have been waiting for this day practically all October, and so it feels a little strange that it’s actually here. That’s right. It’s November First, a big day for us writers as it marks the beginning of the ever-popular National Novel Writing Month. For those of you unfamiliar with NaNo, the name of the game is to get 50,000 words of a novel written in one month. That’s about 1667 words a day. Easy!

So says the woman who participates every year and never even comes close to making it. This year, however, I have a lot of confidence. Thanks mostly to the wonderful support and direction given by A Round of Words in 80 Days, I’ve become much better on focusing my goals, sticking to them, and treating writing like a real job, even if at its current moment in time, I’m definitely not making a penny off of it. Anyone interested in Friending me on the NaNo site can find me at ellis.engler; I know I’ve added a few other RoWers, and if you’re on there, let me know so I can add you, too! The more support, the better! And it’ll be nice seeing what everyone else is doing, too.

As for my book, I’ve decided to go with what’s going to be the next book in the series that Serpent in a Cage, my big RoW80 WIP, starts. The tentative title is The Sun-Scorched Land, but I’m not in love with it. At the end of SiaC (LOL spoiler alert!), Auferrix Ferrore becomes the Queen Captain of the city of A’aefer, setting into motion a set of prophecies that are supposed to lead the world of Aryneth into a period of glory and happiness. She is the first Asyentai, and the bulk of the characters know their next goal is to find the second one. Auferrix, however, has bigger things on her hands. It’s not easy to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix to rule a city, much less a whole nation that starts turning their eyes her way for help. And while some nations ask the new Queen Captain for help, others are rising up in opposition to her. Not surprisingly, these nations are being lead by the convincing hand that had imprisoned her in the first place: Tenenshe’ean Calabash! He may have failed to slay her in SiaC, but now he’s back for another chance to destroy her…and this time, he’s got a whole army behind him.

It’s a lot of political intrigue and great big battles, which I hope will not only display a very strong female character, but also give us the chance to see the world of Aryneth in a wider scope than SiaC provides. The world almost literally expands from the three locations we were concerned with in the first book to the fate of a whole continent. I hope it establishes a lot of the weight that goes along with being an Asyentai, as well as bringing back in some characters that have been mostly cut out of SiaC. This was never intended to be the next book; the next book was going to continue on the Asyentai search, taking our characters into a new place, but more than ever, I feel Auferrix’s story needs to be told in more detail before we fully move on.

I’m incredibly excited to see how things work out, and so I think I’ll stop typing here and get to typing in Word! I look forward to seeing how everyone else is doing, as well as getting thoughts and feedback from everyone along the way.

Happy writing! And thanks to the Only Jeanne for subscribing to the blog, which is to say….thanks, Mom! Heee. Hopefully my babbling about my writing isn’t too boring.



  1. Good luck! I’m trying NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, although I doubt that I’ll finish since November would already be a very busy month for me.

    • Ooh, good luck back, Grace! It’s always a little intimidating the first time around, but as long as you don’t let it get to you, it’s still fun! This coming from a person who’s participated three years and has yet to actually finish it, though, of course!

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