RoW80 Check-In: October 30th.

“You can’t keep a serpent in a cage for long; eventually, it just slithers right through the bars.

This last week part of October has been an odd span of time for me; I feel a little like I’ve been riding a strange productivity roller coaster. I went through a funk for a little bit there (where everyone was awesomely supportive and agreed that maybe it was just time for a break), and then I had another surge of excitement and activity (and, again, everyone was great in encouraging me through my goals), and then these past few days have been another downward drop. I’m feeling, though, sitting here with some coffee and writing this, that I’m on another pull upwards. I certainly hope so; I’ll need it with a week ahead of me without a single day off (yikes!) and the start of NaNo. It’s a brand new month in a few months; I think the stress of the end of the month and the new boss at work has just been messing me up a little bit, and I’m hoping I can get into the swing of things again, too!

I want to also thank everyone for their great encouraging comments, especially all of you who were all, “Holy canolli, that’s a lot of goals!” Even when I have Fail Weekends like this one, you guys still allow me to feel accomplished. Thank you all so much for the encouragement! You may be write; they’re crazy high goals, but, like many of you said, shoot for the stars! I like ’em, and even when I don’t go full out on them, I still get a lot accomplished.

Before I get to the breakdown for my Round of Words in 80 Days breakdown, I’d like to take a moment to thank Jennifer M. Eaton aboard as a subscriber! I should have welcomed you three days ago, but I’ve been in that funk, so I’ll do so now. I look forward to getting my butt back in gear so I can check out some of your stuff, too, Jennifer!

And now, my breakdown:

Serpent in a Cage: Time and general fail aside, I haven’t made much progress on this piece right now because I’m at a part of the book that I absolutely love for its darkness, but absolutely hate writing because I feel like a terrible person doing all of this to my main character! The only thing that gets me through it is the knowledge that, by the end of it, at least one of the bad guys will get their comeuppance, and then I have my whole NaNo project to explore the other one getting his! Chapter: Eight. Page Count: 108.

750 Words: I’m out of the October challenge. Sadface! And it’s funny, because I remember thinking to myself, “Who winds up failing a challenge like this in the last few days?” and I turned out to be one of those people! It was Friday; we were having handful of people over for a Halloween/Housewarming shindig and the place still looked like chaos from the move, so I dedicated my day to fixing it up and just didn’t have the drive to write anything. At least I got my 30 day badge this time! It’s back to square one, but a new challenge starts in a few days, and this time I’m shooting for 100. I seem to drop out as soon as I get the next badge, so maybe that’s just how I have to work.

Novel in 6 Months: I’ve also been putzing around on this one and not exactly getting my 500 words every day on it, but I’ve gotten at least a few words every day. Things are still picking up, but my direction for the story is a little screwy. I realized last night, though, as I caught up with the show with my roommate, that American Horror Story on FX is the perfect thing to get my creativity going for this novel. There are still parts of the show I’m a little meh on, but they’re doing so many other things so well that I can’t help but feel charged and want to create something just as creepy and just as engrossing. So now that I’ve caught up and know we’ve got a few episodes OnDemand, expect lots more to come from this novel (which I also realize is in desperate need of a title). Page count: 34. Word count: 22,270/80,000. Still ahead of the word count!

NaNoWriMo: I haven’t had any time for outlining or jotting or even much thinking about my NaNo project, which means when it gets here, I’ll probably be shooting blind and pantsing for a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with that! I’m just mostly excited to explore Tenenshe’ean and Auferrix’s relationship more, as well as bring out the characters that had to be all but shoved out of Serpent in a Cage‘s rewrite. I think they’ll really get a chance to shine in this book, so I’m excited to get started. Two more days!

0 to 70 in 69 Days: I’m been slacking so much on this one that I’m making a vow right here and now: I will finish “Just Right” and have it posted by next Sunday’s check in. OR ELSE.

The 100 Books Project: It took me a little longer than expected, but I finished another one, and the review will be up tomorrow! And I’ve picked out some shorter quick reads to boost the number a little and get me on track for meeting at least 78 by the end of the year. But as we stand now: Books read: 48/100.

Here’s to hoping that work today will go swiftly and smoothly and not kill me dead for seeing how everyone else is doing later! Or my roommate might rope me into a distraction; that’s entirely possible, too! Here’s to a coming new month and hopefully a nice long ride up the productivity roller coaster before the next downward turn. Happy Halloween, and I hope you all are doing fabulously on your goals!



  1. Isn’t it great to have a place like ROW to come and share our triumphs – and our setbacks? I just love the encouragement and support.

    As you plunge into NaNo, enjoy getting to know your characters and their story as it unfolds. While it does take more editing in the end, pantsing can be so much fun.

    Have a great November…and a super day.


  2. Wow, that is a lot of stuff. I went through a funk of my own last month. I think it was related to October sales slowdown and trying to write when I’m still up all hours of the night with my newborn. It led to a lot of self-confidence issues.
    For me, getting through it was just looking myself (figuratively) in the eye and giving myself a nice lecture about where my commitment to writing is. If I’m really a serious writer, I need to act like it and not let anything hold me back.

    Good luck with Nano. That is quite an undertaking!!! I’ve done it before but I’m not sure if I’ll attempt it this year. πŸ™‚

  3. I used 750words for a while. I reached over 100 days at one time. I toy with doing it again, since I usually write over 750 words, anyway….

    Glad you are feeling the upward swing. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster. Yesterday was great, today was…. bleh. And I kept moving my pencil and finished my art project, delivering it to the gallery… and asking for an extension so I could put the hanging hardware on my favorite piece.

    Here’s to a wildly productive next few days!

  4. Okay, I failed the 750words challenge because I missed the very LAST day of August. It was so sad… but on the other hand, I was proud that I made it that far. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

    I saw the pilot of American Horror Story and I wasn’t 100% thrilled with it, but I might give it another chance — my friends have all been raving about it.

    Anyway, NaNo is on its way, and I’m so excited! Good luck with the rest of this week, and getting started with your writing. πŸ˜€

  5. You do have a lot of goals, which can be rather intimidating, but I respect you for trying. Sorry you had another down hill toward the end of the month. Hope it picks up and you get rolling again. Good luck on NaNo. I’ll be rooting for all of you that are participating!

  6. You seem to be on track for most of the stars – is it my imagination but has the last couple of weeks been a down time for many of us – change of seasons/ beg. of nano – end of year visable and OMG what have I done time? I dont know anyway youre doing good and best of luck for coming week and for nano – will see you there amidst the mayhem!

  7. If you feel bad for what you’re doing to your characters, then you must be doing something right. I just had to write a scene where my MC was forced to reveal his deepest secret. Hard! Sorry about the 750 but there’s always next time. Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  8. With so many huge goals it sounds like you’re doing well and I always find every week that I’ve missed one of mine so I bump it to the top of the list the following week. Good luck with nano.

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