Just Putting it Out There.

I was actually a little bit surprised to find that, last week, I was having a very difficult time trying to think of things to write. I have my list of goals to keep me on track, and even those were feeling a little forced, a trial to really push and get the bare minimum finished. And then there was this blog, which I strive to update daily, though I will sometimes allow a day to slip by when I’m feeling particularly uninspired. This weekend was left two days without anything posted, and I sincerely believe the only reason anything was posted on Sunday was because it’s a RoW80 check-in day.

So what do you do when you’re smacked with a great big dose of lethargy and ennui in your writing? You write anyway. I broke this rule as far as the blog goes, but with my other projects, I just kept writing, even if it was difficult or challenging or felt like pure crap. By just putting it out there, putting new words on the pages, you’re pushing through that mess of uncertainty and lack of inspiration and, eventually, it will pick back up again and you’ll be in the full swing of your work once more.

Today will be a day of renewal for me. The long, stressful week is over and I have a day to recuperate before the long string of work days starts again. A day to do some reading, some writing, and get back on track with things. I’ve got my coffee, there’s sunshine through the windows, and I even have a cat sitting in the chair next to mine to keep me company (Baldur has been my writing companion a lot lately, perched by the computer and looking as though he’s telling me that if I don’t write, he’ll have to show me how it’s done).

I know this isn’t much of a post in and of itself, but today was still feeling uninspired, but I’m still just putting it out there. By doing so, I hope, tomorrow will be easier, and the day after that a breeze.



  1. Actually, there’s a lot in this post for those of us who write and also have these bouts of ennui. We’re not alone, we all go to this place sometimes whether we want to or not, and we come back out kicking and typing : ).

  2. I have to say that I admire you for writing through the ennui! That’s something I’ve never managed to do. I think that if you can train yourself to do that, you’re pretty much golden. It sounds like you have the cutest writing partner in the world!

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