RoW Check-In: October 16th.

“With a few exceptions, there was typically two common reactions to a response like that. Most of the women would slap Gilferen, firm and smooth, right across his cheek; some would actually kiss him, hands to his face with the best reminder they could muster. Awngel did neither of these things, proving herself exceptional.

This week has really been a little bit of chaos; there was a very high-pressure (and loooong) day at work today and another long (new merchandise reset!) day today, plus there was a miscommunication with our landlord, who needed all the crap out of the old apartment last week and we though we were still good for another week or so. Cue mad dash to get everything remaining to the new place, which means not a speck of time to really write. Well, perhaps a speck, but not much more. So this has not been a very good week for writing, or much else, really, and I”m glad it’s almost over. Still, I managed to get a few things done. Let’s have a look:

Serpent in a Cage: Managed to squeeze out a few more pages, but nothing extremely spectacular. Hoping to get a lot done on it tomorrow, which is gloriously a day off. Page count: 98.

750 Words: Even though it meant having to do so in a sleepy, tired stupor last night, I still managed to pull 750 words out even on the Day of Hardly No Writing yesterday, so I’m still in the October challenge. My focus has shifted, though; I haven’t been working on the fairy tale stories as much as I have Cake stories, stories inspired by songs by the band Cake, though those haven’t been really inspiring me to do more than 750 words of a story, so who knows when I’ll flip back or work on something else entirely?

Novel in 6 Months: And this is why we give ourselves buffer when we can. I’ve been working the minimum 500 words when I can, but that’s been just a few days; I’ve got myself quite a lot of padding, though, so I’m still far ahead. First really creepy ghost scene happened, too, and I’ve switched P.O.V.’s, again, so I don’t think it’ll stay in the POV of the husband alone after all. Page count: 24. Word count: 15,742/80,000.

NaNaWriMo: Yeah, if I didn’t have time for writing, I definitely didn’t have time for NaNo planning, either. I’m running out of time to come up with something, but it’s one of those things that can totally come together the day of, as well.

0 to 70: No time for writing or NaNo, no time for editing, either. Just Right is still sitting waiting to be edited, so we’re still 0/70. Sometimes tells me that I’m really not going to get very far in this particular challenge this year.

So, as you can see, there’s not much to report, but it’s been a crazy, chaotic week and next week, things will return to blissful normal in our new apartment which is slowly coming together and can it just be Monday already? There’s something you probably don’t here much…



  1. Don’t feel bad for not getting much done. Moving can consume a lot of time. Every move I’ve made has taken at least a week if not two just to get things fairly settled. Even then, there are usually a few boxes that get shoved off to the side for later perusal. At least you got a little done. That is something. Hope more comes out this next week now that your not so busy!

  2. Just keep trucking! I’m going to do NaNo this year as a rebel. I’m not going to write a novel. I’m just going to count all the words I write toward NaNo. I’m hoping that some flash fiction might happen, but not holding my breath. Working on my current WIP is going to take precedence. That’s just life!

  3. I’m surprised you managed to write with all the chaos going on! I would’ve given up long ago.

    Hope things calm down for you this week and you have time to focus on your goals 🙂

  4. Gah! It’s Monday. Your wish came true. Noooo. Heh. Given all the chaos, you still managed to be productive. That’s a huge accomplishment.

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