RoW80 Check-In: October 5th.

Carefully, slowly, he stood, knowing that the world would spin crazily around him when he did. He sucked in a breath to keep himself afloat in the swirling vertigo and counted to ten. He opened his eyes and exhaled. He was dizzy, nauseous, and he’d started to sweat, but he was standing and ready to move.

For the very first A Round of Words in 80 Days check-in for Round 4, I am happy to report that I’ve managed my page-a-day writing on Serpent in a Cage, as well as having completed a chapter for the check-in. Granted, I feel that wasn’t that much of an accomplishment since I was just about finished with that last chapter anyway, but I’ll take it. If I manage to get Chapter Seven completed by Sunday, I’ll be in good shape, methinks. I wasn’t fond of Chapter Six; it felt far too expositiony for my tastes, and so once I got to Chapter Seven, it just flowed out of me freely, which was a great experience. After this chapter, things start to really kick into motion, so I’m pretty darn excited about getting things going along nicely.

My other goals?
0 to 70 in 69 Days: Still haven’t finished any stories, but I did just start one that I think may have some promise in the next few days.
Novel in 6 Months: 5972 out of 80,000 words so far. Chapter Two started amazingly, then got really stagnant, so I’m not really pleased with the work I did on it yesterday, but I’ll probably just do the same thing I did earlier. Quickly wrap up as much as I can and move on to something else. 74028 to go to reach my word-count goal; at this pace, I’m going to be in really good shape for the long haul.
750 Words: Still going strong, although my usual routine was thrown off yesterday so I didn’t have the brain power to work on the next installment of the fairy tale story, so I just wrote something random and not very productive, but it met my word count so I’m still in the game for October.

How’s everyone else doing? I hope to get around to a lot of Check-In posts today, but I know sometimes I utterly fail at what I plan in that respect. I might even try to take a stab at figuring out Twitter again for the Twitter party. Now that would be a goal with some challenge in it!



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