Weekend Rut.

I have spent far too much time this morning trying to decide what to write in this little space today. I wondered if it was just me, if I was just feeling uninspired this morning, but I realized, after a bit more consideration, that it’s mostly just the usual weekend rut.

Working retail, my schedule is usually opposite of most people’s work schedule. Instead of working all week and having the weekend free, my weekends are usually the ones that are jam-packed, not only with working long days in our busy store, but also trying to wedge in a few things to suggest I have a social life in there as well. I’m in for an earlier shift this morning, which means my chunk of morning time to do all my writerly and reading things needs to be cut short so I can get ready and that throws me off, too. I get what I need to do (750words, Fandom High linkdrop, this blog…), maybe check a few emails, and then that’s about it. No extra writing or reading like I do on days when I have a later shift. And it throws me off terribly.

There’s something cathartic and comforting about that morning routine, and it’s days like this when I know I must skip it to take care of other things that makes me realize how nice it is to have that time to dedicate to our passion and make something out of it. And some people get to do this for a living or at least don’t have to work as much to pursue this thing called writing. That’s pretty incredible and inspiring. And I was thinking of just doing a Writer Quote today, but didn’t think I had the brain power to really do it justice (see? Not having my morning reading and writing just throws me way off my game!), but a quote comes to mind all the same, a quote that really seems to capitilize on how I feel this morning, faced with work rather than writing:

“‘Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure only death can stop it.” – Ernest Hemingway.

I’d also like to thank Grace over at Books Without Any Pictures for the subscription! Welcome aboard; it’s great to have you!


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  1. It’s really challenging to work and do “writerly” things. I’m lucky that I can do a little blogging while I’m at work. But sometimes I’m so tired when I get home from work, I don’t feel like writing. So I know your frustration. We just have to do the best we can with what we have.

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