Row80 Check-in: September 21st.

“‘I didn’t run’ Knolan said, his voice firm with insistence, but his eyes were searching her face for forgiveness. ‘Serene asked me to take Locke and make him safe. To escape so that he could survive. So that’s what I did. It was the last thing Serene ever asked of me, and, for eighteen years, that’s what I’ve been doing.'”

Today marks the last day of Round 3 of A Round of Words in 80 Days, and I’ve set my final goal to reach the POV shift. I’ve got about a chapter and a half to write by the end of the day today. Will I make it? Will I alter it so that I’ll be satisfied to just reach the end of the current chapter? Who knows? Tune in tomorrow to find out for sure!

Naturally, I would like to get to the POV shift. I’ll feel like a little less of a failure by sticking to at least one goal in this very shifting round. But I know these two chapters are pretty much big chapters. There’s a lot of dialogue and a lot of information and exposition in these chapters, which, naturally, got me thinking. Is there too much information? Too much exposition? What do readers tend to think of scenes like these next two chapters where, reunited with long missing connections, the characters spend a lot of time catching up and, through catching up, fill the reader in on a Lot of Important Information? Sometimes, I feel like it’s a big fat cop out, but, on the other side of that coin, it’s important and it’s natural that two people who haven’t seen each other in eighteen years, who thought the other was dead and then some, to gush out about what brought them to the place that finally brought them together.

So I’m sticking with it, charging ahead, and I’ll worry about whether or not it’s bogging things down or not later. I’ve got a lot of writing to do before tomorrow, so I’d best not stress about it and just get to writing! It’s interesting to note, though, that I’ve been trimming a lot of fat. The chapters are longer in this version, but it’s interesting to note that, in the first draft, all this is happening around chapter twenty; right now, I’m on chapter five!

I’ll be working on finishing the same WIP for Round 4, so this is by no means an end to hearing about Serpent in a Cage. I didn’t quite get the halfway point in this round, but I did get pretty far and I’m sure Round 4 will be even more productive! How did your Round 3 go for you, fellow RoWers? Have you given much thought to Round 4 yet? We will be seeing you in Round 4, riiiiiiight? How about those of you where aren’t a part of RoW80 yet; think you’ll check it out?

Happy writing through the last day, everyone! I look forward to breaking out the champagne and celebrating another great round tomorrow!



  1. Write the scene in the way it feels right to you. When you’re finished with your draft, put it down for a few days. Then read it again as a reader instead of a writer…as if someone else had written it. See how it feels then.

  2. I agree with Lauralynn. Get some distance then read it as reader. I’m often guilty of not leaving enough information to bring the reader along, so I am constantly plastering holes when reading it.

    Heck yes, I’m coming back for Round 4. I need to finish everything I said I would this round, right?

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