A Public Service Announcement.

Dear readers, I am positively beat. But I am far from being defeated yet.

I am having one of those days where I am painstakingly trying to think of something to write about in this blog space and realizing that all I really want to write is my fiction which, unfortunately, I do not post much of here. And the reason why all I want to do is work on my various WIPs and sundries is because today marks the last day in a week-long streak of work, work, work at my money-making, pay-the-bills, kill-my-soul jobs. My last day off was last Tuesday; as of right now, I have tomorrow and Thursday off and all I can think about is how glorious they will be before returning once more to the grind that is my employment. One more long, eight-hour-plus day, and then (hopefully) two days of freedom. One of my fellow managers has been sick, so I’ve been sucking up her hours like a sponge. It looks great on my paycheck, but I miss the time to sit around and write, write, write with a little pinch of reading thrown in for good measure.

A little word game for you all today

Earlier in this crazy week, the wonderful Lauralynn Elliott made a great comment about the ability I have to work a 12 hour day and still come home and get some writing out. Granted, it’s not much writing, but it got me thinking about how the writing part, the time I take in the morning, waking up several hours before I need to be at work so I can just sit in some quiet with some coffee and churn out some work, is about the only thing that keeps me sane in the morning. And the few minutes I take every night to write at least a page of Serpent in a Cage sort of brings everything full circle, to make me feel a little less like that day has been entirely about work, and that there’s still a little slice left for what I love.

No matter what else may try to sabotage and suck up your time, always make the time for writing. Your sanity (and your happiness) will thank you!



  1. Boy, I hear you, L.S. With school starting, work goes through the roof, and I’m one of those “lucky” folks who cannot be paid overtime.

    Even so, as bleary as I might be, I have to write. A lot of it doesn’t see the light of day–morning pages, ranting, meandering poetry and prose. But you are spot on–it is very necessary.

    Here’s to a better week for you!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! And right on! I know I’m not alone in being one who gets their writing when they can because it’s just what helps us survive.

      No overtime can be harsh; you get that with two jobs, too, because even though you’re definitely working fifty plus hours, it’s spread between two different places. But it doesn’t seem to bother me as much when I find time to get lost in my writing for a bit. : )

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