RoW80 Check-In: September 11th.

“‘I know,’ Locke admitted as a pit knotted in his stomach. “And I hate to admit it, but maybe that’s the one thing Jaxson’s been doing right that we haven’t been doing at all. Taking a risk, a gamble.'”

This weekend has been sort of clogged with a lot of work; it’s not quite over as I’m going to be going in for another arduous day today, but tomorrow there is freedom and perhaps even a few days later this week, and I’m looking forward to enjoying those. Still, despite all the stress of work, I’ve been managing to get a lot of writing in. I hit page sixty of Serpent in a Cage, heading happily into Chapter Four, where we meet some more crucial characters and get to more of the twists in the plot. As it stands right now, Locke is about to get his ass kicked by Hederrick, which is always a fun part of the book. And then we run into Awngel again and decide to help her out, too, which leads the sun to set on the first day and our focus to shift briefly back to the prologue again.

With all the edits, Auferrix comes back into the picture much sooner than the original version, and I’m glad for that. Part of me is wondering if the action is moving almost too quickly, but the nice thing about that problem is that it’s much easier to slow something down than to speed it up.

I’m just really pleased with the progress and I think I might at least get to the end of the first day in the story by the end of this Round. I’m getting about three pages a day in progress and really enjoying it and that’s the most important part of all!

How’s everyone else doing? I’d love to get the chance to check in with everyone today, so I really hope work doesn’t kill my brain dead as it has been lately. There’s always Wednesday, though!



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