RoW80 Check-in: August 28.

” ‘This shop,’ he said, by way of distracted explanation. ‘Let’s try this shop, Locke. I’ve got a good feeling about this shop.’
‘A good feeling in your trousers, perhaps?’
Despite being clearly disgruntled about it, Locke let himself be pulled by Gilferen, who had to laugh. “So you noticed her, too, did you? Good. I ‘ve been really wondering if there’s anything that goes on in your trousers at all.'”

I don’t have much to report for today’s check-in except that things are plugging along nice and I’m glad to actually be avaialable to actually post the update. It’s been a work-filled week for me, so I didn’t get a lot of writing done, but we’re heading on into meeting Tayahyla and Estialog, which leads into learning about Auferrix and her capture, which gets things in motion nicely for the plot of the book. It’s hard to believe that, according to the main Check-in post, there’s only three and a half weeks left of this round! It’s pretty unlikely I’ll have SiaC Version 2.0 finished by then, but it’s been a valiant effort and it would be wonderful to get as close as I can.

There’s no doubt about the fact that this project has made me fall in love with this story again, and that’s more of a prize than I could have ever asked for. I have confidence in it again; I have faith that this is a piece of writing that could interest and enchant reader, drawing them into a world of my creation where they can feel as strongly about these characters and what happens to them as I do. Ultimately, that is my goal, and I’ll be taking it one step at a time.

…While taking fifty other steps toward other goals, too, but that’s just how I roll. How’s everyone else doing?

Oh! And a big thanks to Sue Healy for the subscription! Welcome aboard! I look forward to reading some of your stuff, too!



  1. I quite like that excerpt at the beginning! And I love hearing that the past few weeks have helped you to fall in love with your story all over again. There’s no greater progress than that. 😀

  2. Always good to hear that things are coming along 🙂 And yay for getting excited about your project, that is a very big deal! Celebrate each step of the way 🙂


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