The 100 Books Project: Catopolis.

Who knows? On the internet everyone is anonymous. Almost anything you find there could have been created by a cat.

“Catopolis” edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Janet Deaver-Pack

Catopolis, a collection of seventeen stories about “the ‘city of cats’ that exists on the same plane with humans, yet is hidden from us” came into my possesion when I spotted it at a bookstore and thought it would be a very funny gift for my cat-loving fiance. He never got a chance to get around to reading it, but I think, if he had, he would have had just about the same impression I did. A feeling of not really knowing what you just read or why you read it, but you were entertained and amused all the same. The majority of the stories are well-written and enjoyable; some I actually liked quite a lot. There’s certain a level of silliness in this secret world of cat, but the owners are very true to the spirit of independence and loftiness of cats. I’m a cat owner, though, so I could appreciate seeing my own cats in the characters in this book.

The subjects ranged anywhere from a literal cat burglar, to a cat’s connection to magic and sorcery, to the old Egyptian god worshippers, to a very cute Sex and the City parody that I really got a kick out of. There’s a story about cat bloggers, a story about cats and their connection to sensing death, and a couple of stories about cats being guardians to various things. Catopolis has some pretty good literary moments, but it’s not exactly a classic. There’s a lot of really amusing stories that cat lovers would enjoy. I can’t speak for people who are not fans of cats, though there is an interesting offering of what cats probably think of us humans in there, too.

Granted, this is a human’s perception of a cat, unless any of those cat bloggers have gotten themselves a pen name and dared to tempt the risk. A cute, quick, entertaining collection, overall.
Books read: 39 out of 100.


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