The Story that Couldn’t.

Now, I may be jumping the gun a little on this. I might finish up this post, get to work, hit a stride, and the next thing I know it, I’ve cleared the hurdle and everything is going along swimmingly. But, right now, as it stands, I’m pretty sure that The Unknown Scourge simply does not want to be written. It started out with killing a character, deciding that Adah is not entirely essential to the plot, and now I’ve been thinking of changing how to start the story off, killing off the idea that it should go to Tobias now, as it has for, gosh, ten years since the story’s inception, and demanding to be started in an entirely different way.

I welcome the change, don’t get me wrong. It’s a story I concocted when I was still in high school, heavily influenced by a video game. It’s gone through a lot of transformation and reworking, but, as I tried last night to write about four different possible approaches to the first chapter, I realized I didn’t much like any of them, I wasn’t sure where the story was going to progress from there, and I wondered if it just really didn’t want to be written.

It’s my monthly novel, so I will strive to at least get to 31 pages, however misguided or off I might feel them to be. And I’m sure the urge to write The Unknown Scourge will surface again. Right now, though, I think perhaps I have got too many other projects and ideas floating around in my head to feel its worthwhile to waste my time with something that isn’t reaching out to me. I hope it’s not dead. But, if it is, at least then I’ll feel a little bit better about having killed off Adah, because I’ll have killed off most of the others as well.

(I realize an interesting note to this: earlier this year, I was working on on the sequel to TUS, and it was going much, much better. Go figure. But, hey, maybe sequential books is overrated anyway).

Have you ever decided to scrap an entire book? Do you put them aside for the right inspiration? Does that work, or do they mostly then just fall on the wayside? I know Kait Nolan had a post about tabling her own project just yesterday, so I’m intrigued to see what other writers might be experiencing as well. Is it really a floundering project….or just very specified writer’s block?


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