Back in the Game…

Sometimes, one of the biggest challenges in my life is the fact that I tend to work best on a particular schedule. I have a certain way of doing things, and when that method is disrupted, for whatever reason, it’s sometimes difficult for me to get back on track. Lately, there’s been a lot of things getting in the way of how I usually do things. The nice thing is that they have all been incredibly positive, exciting, and wonderful things. A lot of great opportunities, people, events, and experiences have been coming into my life. The one complaint I have is that it’s completely thrown off everything for my usual schedule for writing.

It’s interesting, though, as I’ll typically have two days (let the last two) that allow me to set the train on the tracks again and forge ahead with a great deal of productivity to make up for the disturbance, only to have it go slightly off the rails again a few days later, like today, when any time to write will likely be limited.

What’s nice is that I no longer feel that this is a bad thing. Before, if I got behind on my writing goals and my various fifty gazillion projects, it was usually a struggle to get back in the game. This past week, even with the multitude of things going on, I’ve managed to churn out more writing (and of a higher quality, no less!) than I have in previous weeks when I haven’t been nearly as, quote, ‘busy.’ It’s a strange phenomenon, and a fascinating one, and I think, quite possibly, that determination has been the key. I knew today would be busy, so I did a little extra work last night to cover what I wouldn’t get a chance to do today. I got up just a little bit earlier to make sure I wrote this out and posted it. I’m adjusting, and a new schedule is forming, and this one seems to be working ever better than the last.

Granted, part of the reason I’m even talking about this is because I really want to babble on the progress of my projects, but I have to save that for the RoW Check-in tomorrow. I haven’t made the last two, but I’m glad to say that I’ve got some good news to report. So, yes, this post is mostly just fodder and babbling. We all need one of those sometimes.


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