Return to the Usual Order and Chaos.

My brief mini-vacation has come to an end, and while it was enjoyable and productive, it will be nice to attempt to go back to things as usual again. Granted, I still have a friend visiting for the next couple of weeks, but she’s an early riser like I am (actually, she’s Dutch, and she’s probably just still on European time and it probably feels like she’s been sleeping in for her), so I don’t imagine things will be thrown too far off course. Chicago Comic Con was a lot of fun…for the most part. There were a few spots where things got a little too crowded and disorganized for my tastes, but I got to hang around VIP-style with the Back to the Future DeLorean, saw a lot of incredible and inspiring things in Artist’s Alley (my favourite part!), and sat in on an Evil Dead reunion panel that put me about fifteen feet from Bruce Campbell, so I really can’t complain. I am also now the proud owner of an Aquaman t-shirt, thus securing my spot as an object of ridicule for ages to come.

Better yet, I was able to get a lot of work done. Leaving the computer at home was a smart, smart idea. I am not entirely caught up on all my projects, but I am much closer than I was, and I have made some pretty good headway on my dragging page counts. Chapter One for Serpent in a Cage is even nearly finished. I was considering doing a big post with pictures and the like, but I think just a small little update while I try to get back in the rhythm of things should suffice. It’s been an on-and-off month so far, but I think by the end of it, I will be incredibly pleased with what I’ve been able to produce.


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