RoW 80 Check-in: August 10.

I was tentative in taking my first sips of coffee this morning, dreading a repeat of yesterday’s bizarre occurance, but, as I leaned over to draw in the life giving force, I found all was good and back to normal. Hooray! Now if only I could get some freakin’ water pressure out of the shower…

I also, with dedication, managed to make sure I met my page goal for my RoW WIP last night. I wanted to go to bed; it was reaching past the time I prefer to be sleeping, but I stuck by it, I got it out, and even though I’m well behind where I need to be, it was a small victory that just may set me on the right track again. Granted, at four p.m. today, my “vacation” officially starts and my social life will surely continue to squeeze up against the boundary of the time I usually spared for writing, but we shall see.

The scene has picked up again as Awngel has her altercation with her lover; I have to admit, she earns one of my favourite introductions ever. Nothing like bringing a character into the scheme of things by having her boot a naked man out of her room in a screaming match. The more I write her, the more I seem to enjoy Awngel as a character. It was the same way with Gilferen, too. And Locke. And Tayahyla. And, hell, let’s face it. All of them.

What’s been one of your favourite ways to introduce a character into the story?

Good luck, fellow RoWers! See you on Sunday (maybe!).



  1. Great job on your goal! My characters always seem to make some sort of huge grand opening in my mind. And honestly, I’m not sure I have a favorite! Their like our children, I think, you love them all but in different ways.

  2. Way to push through! Those small victories deserve just as much applause and hoopla as the big ones 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week, and your “vacation” time – you deserve it!

  3. I tend to introduce the main character by placing him/her in the middle of a character-defining moment. My novice detective is accidentally finding a dead body floating in with the tide, or my “wronged and lovelorn woman trying to reinvent her life” is caught fantasizing about the hotel clerk as she steps up to register.
    Have a great vacation!!

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